For Doctors

More patients than you think have trouble following a conversation during a consultation in your clinic.

Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic conditions doctors encounter.  64% of your patients over 60 years of age will have a hearing loss, and about half of your patients with hearing loss will be of working age.

Hearing impairment is a hidden disability that may not be visible to patients or their support systems, including physicians.  Hearing loss is often linked to other chronic medical conditions such as dementia, diabetes, and obesity, and there is an increased risk of falling with hearing loss. References.

Encourage your patients to have their hearing tested, especially if they are over the age of 60.

Hearing loss and Auditory Deprivation

It is important to address hearing loss earlier rather than later because long-term untreated sensorineural (or permanent conductive) hearing loss leads to auditory deprivation; a weakening of the auditory neural system affecting the brain's ability to understand speech. Auditory deprivation can also occur with poorly fitted hearing aids that do not deliver adequate sound to the brain or with monaurally fitted hearing aids when there is a hearing loss in both ears. 

Melbourne Audiology Centre provides you with a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of your patient's audiological health. In addition, we offer a range of aural rehabilitation services and solutions for patients with a permanent hearing loss (i.e. sensorineural or conductive where there is no medical treatment). 

Please see tests and Services for a list of all our services and when to recommend your patients

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus can be managed. Our audiologists provide a holistic approach to managing the complex needs of people suffering from tinnitus. Read more on therapies offered at Melbourne Audiology Centre.

Cerumen Removal

Melbourne Audiology Centre provides a professional cerumen removal service using gentle micro-suction techniques. Our Audiologists use a binocular microscope, which allows a clear view of the ear canal and its contents. Depending on each individual’s situation, the ear wax is removed using micro-suction or special ear wax removal tools or a combination of both. This is the gentlest and safest way to remove ear wax and other foreign bodies from the ear canal.

Pensioners and Veterans

If your patient is a pensioner or Veteran, they may be eligible for services under the Australian Governments Office of Hearing Services (OHS) program. All new applications for this service require a medical clearance, Click here for OHS application process information for GP's and to download the application form that must be signed by a GP. We are accredited to provide services under the OHS program. 

Chronic Disease Management and Total Care Agreement Plans

All of our audiologists have Medicare provider numbers and can provide audiology services under Chronic Disease Management and Total Care Agreement plans. These patients under these plans will be able to receive a Medicare rebate on their audiological assessments.


We are a contracted provider for providing hearing services under Worksafe Victoria.