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Hearing Aid Subsidies Veterans Melbourne
Hearing Aid Subsidies for Veterans and Pensioners
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Hearing Aid Subsidies for Veterans and Pensioners

Everybody deserves to receive the treatment they need. Hearing loss can impact all areas of your life, and failing to receive treatment will just worsen your condition. Don’t put off treatment out of fear of the costs.

As a pensioner or veteran, you may be eligible for subsidised care and benefits for hearing services. Under the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP), Melbourne Audiology Centre can provide hearing care and hearing aids for eligible participants.

Eligibility for fully subsidised hearing tests and fully or partially subsidised hearing aids under the HSP allows our team to provide essential care for those who need it most. All our audiologists are experts in hearing and hearing aids, meaning we can recommend the best hearing aids for your unique needs.

It Starts With A Hearing Test

Here at Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC), we want to see you be able to take part in conversations and hear all the sounds important to you so you can work, socialise, and enjoy life to the fullest. Your journey to receiving hearing aids and support all begins with a comprehensive hearing test at one of our clinics. This will be conducted by one of our experienced MAC audiologists. During your 1-hour appointment, your audiologist will:

  • Ask you about your listening and communication needs.
  • Test your hearing levels.
  • Clearly explain your hearing test results and what they mean for your diagnosis.
  • Inform you about your eligibility for subsidised hearing aids if you have hearing loss.

Hearing Aids Through HSP

If eligible, you will likely be able to receive fully subsidised hearing aids through the HSP. This means you won’t need to pay a cent! These hearing aids will be high-quality and fully able to support your hearing needs, though may not include some of the non-essential features that partially subsidised hearing aids might have.

Partially Subsidised
Some hearing aids will be partially covered by the HSP, while the rest of the cost will need to be self-funded. Typically, these hearing aids will include non-essential features to enhance your experience, such as wireless connection or automatic functions.

Your Hearing Care for Veterans and Pensioners Questions Answered

Yes, pensioners are able to receive tests, services, and hearing care through MAC.

Absolutely! MAC offers services for veterans through the HSP program.

Yes. Through the HSP, many Australian pensioners are eligible for a diagnostic hearing test to qualify them for fully subsidised hearing aids.

The HSP is a government program that helps pensioners and veterans receive the essential healthcare they need. This includes hearing tests and hearing aids.

The Government Hearing Services Program (HSP) provides a subsidy towards eligible pensioners for hearing aids every five years, which is the average lifespan of a high-quality pair of hearing aids.

Submit an online enquiry today to let the MAC team know what sort of appointment you’re looking for, and one of our friendly team members will reach out in no time to find a time that suits you.

Why Choose Melbourne Audiology Centre?

Helpful and Experienced Team

Our audiologists at Melbourne Audiology Centre are highly experienced and skilled, ready to provide top-quality care with a compassionate approach. On top of that, we have staff fluent in a wide variety of languages to make our services as broadly accessible as possible.

Honest Care

Our clinics don’t run on commission. MAC is a privately owned company operating exclusively to provide honest and genuine care for our clients. When you come for an appointment with us, you can trust that our priorities are in order.

Serving Melbourne for 20 Years

Since 2001, MAC has been providing unparalleled hearing services to local Melbourne clients. That’s over two decades of dedicated care! With locations all across the city, there’s sure to be a MAC clinic near you.

Book Your Subsidised Hearing Test

You deserve to live life to the fullest. When you’re suffering from hearing loss, all aspects of your life can pay the price: socialising, working, communicating, enjoying leisure activities, and participating in daily routines. Here at MAC, we take pride in helping people from all walks of life receive hearing services and hearing aids to ease the effects of their hearing loss.

To start your journey with our friendly team, book your subsidised diagnostic hearing test today.