Users of iPhone 5 or newer smartphones have been able to stream voice and music to compatible hearing aids for a few years.  Resound were the first hearing aid manufacturer to release ‘Made for iPhone’ devices.   Today most hearing aid brands have hearing aids ‘Made for iPhone’ which has been great for iPhone users.  They have been able to stream voice calls and music directly to the hearing aids without the need of an intermediary device.   Which has not been the case for Android user – up to now.  Android users could stream voice and music but had to use of an intermediary device called a streamer.  Some have not liked this as it meant having the streamer on a lanyard around your neck of clipped to clothing.

New on the market in the last couple of months are two hearing aids that can receive voice calls and music directly from the new Android 10 smartphones.  This functionality has not been available for Android users before.  This is because, for direct streaming of voice calls and music, two things must happen.  The smartphone needs a Bluetooth protocol for streaming to the hearing aids and the hearing aids must be able to receive the Bluetooth signal.

People who wear Made for Android hearing aids and have an Android 10 smartphone will be able to stream voice calls and music directly to their hearing aids.  This will make the hearing aids function like a Bluetooth headset.  Not only will they make voice calls clearer they will allow handsfree use of the smartphone when driving.

In September, Android released their new protocol called ‘Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids’ (ASHA).  The streaming is done over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  This means the hearing aids and phone can have enough battery power to get through an entire day.  The ASHA protocol is available in Android 10 smartphones.  This includes the; Pixel3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 4 smartphones.

Hearing aids that can receive the ASHA Bluetooth are labelled ‘Made for Android’ hearing aids.  The current ‘Made for Android’ hearing aids are the; Starkey Livio and the Resound LiNX Quattro.   Other brands will release their versions in the next few months.  The Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is also compatible with the Android 10 smartphones.

With the release of the ASHA protocol, Android 10 users like their iPhone counterparts, can now stream voice and music directly without the need for an intermediary device.

We are incredibly pleased to now be able to offer the direct to hearing aid voice call and music streaming to all clients with compatible smartphones.

The exciting thing for us is that we can now offer more of our clients direct streaming from their smartphones.  For example, the Starkey Livio AI is the Made for iPhone and Made for Android.  It is also available in the latest Li-Ion rechargeable model.  Combined with advances in processing, artificial intelligence and more, today’s hearing aid user gets a host of new benefits.  The Starkey Livio AI benefits include:

  • direct streaming of voice calls and music from iPhone 5 and above and Android 10 smartphones.
  • Li-Ion rechargeable models giving the convenience and ease of full days use on an overnight charge.
  • high speed, high definition computer processing to help replicate natural hearing which results in less ‘listening effort’.  Listening effort relates to how much you need to concentrate to understand a speaker.
  • 3D motion sensors on the hearing aid can track physical activity and detect falls.
  • Artificial intelligence (this is what the AI stands for).  They can learn and perform tasks including;
    • letting you turn streaming on and off by simply tapping your ear instead of your hearing aids.
    • translating languages.
    • tracking and measuring body and brain health.

We have the latest hearing aids with the latest technology and features that will give users not only better hearing but a host of other features and functionality.

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