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Wondering Why Your Are Ears Ringing? Understanding Tinnitus

If you have a ringing or buzzi-ness in your ears or head, you may have tinnitus. This condition may be more common than you realise. One in three people will experience some level of tinnitus at some stage of their life. Not only that, but one in six people experiences persistent and long-term tinnitus symptoms.

People with tinnitus experience a ‘phantom’ sound, meaning sounds that are not actually in the environment around them. These noises can make activities like sleep, work, and general concentration extremely challenging. The prevalence of tinnitus increases with hearing loss, making life, in general, more complicated than it needs to be. Living life with tinnitus isn’t easy, but you don’t need to tackle this challenge alone.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

For most cases of tinnitus, there is no cure. For many people, this fact means that they resign themselves to the nature of their condition, trying to tune out the ringing noises and allowing their quality of life to lower as they suffer through their symptoms. As dealing with tinnitus can lead to further issues such as hearing difficulties, social isolation, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, this is something we take very seriously.

While there mightn’t be a cure, that doesn’t mean that treatment isn’t possible. All these symptoms may be eased with different treatment methods, including medications, lifestyle changes, counselling, and hearing aids.

Here at Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC), our experienced audiologists have helped countless patients to manage their tinnitus and get their lives back on track. We believe in a holistic approach to tinnitus management, offering the latest tinnitus treatment methods to help you make the most of life.

The MAC Approach to Treatment for Tinnitus Ringing in Ears


Amplification devices such as hearing aids can help to ‘fill in the gaps’ for patients struggling with hearing loss and tinnitus. Any auditory information that the brain is struggling to receive can be amplified in the ear, ensuring that any ringing or buzzing doesn’t drown out the sounds of your environment.

Sound Therapy

Using sound therapy programs can help not only relieve your ears of the sounds associated with tinnitus but also retrain your brain and strengthen your ability to process noise. This treatment method can prevent further damage and protect your hearing in the long run.

Tinnitus Counselling

Struggling with tinnitus can bring on a complicated mix of feelings, making you feel like all aspects of your life are ruled by this condition. Attending tinnitus counselling can help you process this new period of your life, supporting you as you find new ways to handle your symptoms and manage the associated problems tinnitus can bring about.

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

There is a multitude of different environmental factors that can lead to tinnitus. This can include noise exposure, ageing, allergies, injuries, and ear infections. Symptoms can also take different forms, including hissing, buzzing, and whirring sounds. It is incredibly common, however, for tinnitus to be linked to hearing loss. Many patients diagnosed with tinnitus are likely to experience mild to severe hearing loss, which may worsen with time if left untreated.

Finding relief from tinnitus and its associated symptoms is possible. Hearing aids can help to amplify the sounds that your brain is struggling to process due to tinnitus, providing some much-needed alleviation from your condition. A hearing aid can increase sensory input for people with certain forms of hearing loss and is a common solution for the relief and prevention of tinnitus in modern treatment.

Your Tinnitus Questions Answered

The term ‘tinnitus’ essentially refers to a ringing or buzzing noise in one or both ears, which may be constant or come and go. The condition is often associated with hearing loss.

There are a few ways to treat tinnitus and lower the effects of symptoms over time. At MAC, the treatments we utilise include sound amplification technology, sound therapy, and tinnitus counselling to support anyone who is suffering.

If you want to keep your tinnitus from getting any worse, it’s essential to protect your ears from loud noises. Spending time in loud environments can lead to further ear damage, so solutions such as earplugs and hearing aids can prevent your condition from getting worse.

As Melbourne’s leading provider of compassionate hearing care, the MAC team can help find a tailored treatment plan to protect your ears in the long run and soften the effects of your symptoms.

Despite there being no cure or cause for tinnitus, that doesn’t mean you can’t live a long and happy life with this condition. It may be challenging to cope with, but millions of people are affected by some level of tinnitus, and many lead fulfilled normal lives.

There are particular foods that can trigger tinnitus symptoms. Some foods and beverages that you may wish to avoid include alcohol, caffeine, salt, sugar, and saturated fats. By keeping your blood pressure down, you may be able to prevent your tinnitus symptoms from worsening.

Why Choose Melbourne Audiology Centre?

Helpful and Experienced Team

When you’re visiting a MAC clinic, you’re family. We strive to provide a level of compassionate care you won’t find anywhere else, founded upon the high experience and skills of all our audiologists. Plus, we are proud to have team members that speak a variety of languages, making sure our services are as accessible to as many communities as possible.

Honest Care

Melbourne Audiology Centre is a privately owned, no-commission facility. That means that our top priority is always going to be honest and genuine care. When you visit a MAC clinic, you can trust that delivering the best possible treatment is our only focus.

Serving Melbourne for 20 Years

Since the beginning of our clinic in 2001, the MAC team has spent over two decades providing unmatched hearing care to Melbourne locals. With locations all across the city, it’s never been easy to find high-quality audiology care near you.

Treat Tinnitus Today

1. Assessment

Everything starts with an assessment. No two patients are the same – that’s why your journey with MAC begins with a personal meeting with an audiologist to discuss the specifics of your history, your condition, and your symptoms.

2. Treatment

Once your examination is complete, our highly skilled audiologists will design a treatment plan tailored to your needs. We work to meet your preferences and goals, helping build a path forward so you can live the life you deserve.

3. Ongoing Care

When you work with the MAC team, you’re investing in a long-term relationship. We will provide ongoing checkups and care to not only ensure your treatment is progressing well but to track your results and make any changes as needed to give you the best relief possible.

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Don’t suffer in silence. If you’re struggling with tinnitus or hearing loss symptoms that you think could be a sign of tinnitus, there’s nothing to gain by trying to ‘deal with it’. Treatment options are available to help ease your comfort and help you through this next chapter of life.

Here at MAC, our team of friendly audiologists is ready to take your call and book your first appointment.