Around mid-March 2019, Oticon launched their latest hearing aids called the Opn S.  They are an update of the very popular Opn family of aids which we have been successfully fitting since July 2016 and have many satisfied users.

We are excited as the Opn S has a number of new state of the art technology upgrades including a new feedback control system. Feedback is the annoying whistling that can sometimes occur with hearing aids.  Feedback happens when the amplified sound from the hearing aid escapes from the ear canal and is picked up by the hearing aid and amplified again.  The whistling may occur when the hearing aid user gives someone a hug and vice versa or when they put their phone next to their ear.

In order to control the feedback the amplification for soft speech sounds in the hearing aid is sometimes reduced. These soft sounds need to be heard in order to get optimal speech clarity.  According to Oticon, the Opn S feedback control system has ground-breaking new technology that delivers 30% more soft speech sounds to the brain. This along with the other new technologies in the Opn S hearing aids has led to a significant increase of speech understanding.  In fact, Oticon research shows users of the Opn S hearing aids can experience speech understanding on par with people who have normal hearing in noisy environments^.

In addition, the advances in feedback technology in the new Opn S also mean that we can fit more people with comfortable fitting hearing aids. The risk of hearing aids whistling rises with increasing degrees of hearing loss and is also influenced by the amount of venting in the hearing aid. We always aim to provide the maximum amount of venting because this is a more comfortable experience overall and delivers a more natural sound quality.  The Opn S with its new feedback control system enables us to provide additional venting without annoying whistling.

Are you ready to try the latest digital hearing aid technology?

Whether you are new to hearing aids, or looking to upgrade you current aids, the newest hearing aid technology may be able to meet your listening and communication needs.  Our experienced audiological team can advise you on the best hearing aid solution that will meet your listening and communication needs and goals.

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