FREE take-home hearing aid trial

Experience the sound quality and benefits of the latest hearing aids

This is how the ’free take-home hearing aid trial’ works.

  • At your first appointment*, we will test your hearing and recommend hearing aids for your needs.
  • We will program a set of trial hearing aids** to your hearing loss (**see note below).
  • You will take the hearing aids home for one-week trial. The take home trial is free.
  • During the trial, we recommend that you wear the hearing aids as much as possible and test out different environments and situations so you can evaluate their performance and experience the benefits.
  • After your week trial, you will return to our clinic for a second appointment* so we can discuss your experience.
  • If you choose to take the next step, we will help you choose the right hearing aids for your needs and budget.

It’s that easy. Start your journey to life with better hearing today.

*The first appointment with the audiologist is for 1 hour and includes a professional hearing test as we need to determine the nature of your hearing difficulties and whether hearing aids are the best solution. The first appointment with an audiologist cost is $95 (reduced from $185) the second appointment is free. If you proceed to purchase your hearing aids from us, we will deduct the $95 from the price of the hearing aids.

**We may not be able to offer a take-home trial to everyone as it will depend on the degree and type of hearing loss. The trial hearing aids used are receiver in the ear style at premium level that suit up to a severe hearing loss.

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