Why choose Melbourne Audiology Centre?

We will treat you with care and respect. You can expect a comfortable, professional and no-pressure environment. Most of our audiologists each have 10 to 25 years of experience in the hearing care industry. They will assist you to manage your hearing problems and/or tinnitus in your daily life.

Our customer service staff are available to answer your general questions and sort out any queries you may have. In addition, we have staff that can speak Greek, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian & Russian to assist clients who have English as a second language.

Your hearing services are conducted at well-established hearing centres using the latest equipment and assessment/treatment techniques. Hearing assessments are conducted in soundproof facilities and with the latest equipment. This ensures high accuracy of results.

You can be assured our team of audiologists are completely focused on how to best meet your hearing and communication needs. Our audiologists do not receive commissions on hearing aid sales. We believe in helping people with hearing loss to enjoy life. We do this by improving hearing and consequently people’s ability to communicate, participate and engage with others.

We are privately owned. Our Audiologists can offer the latest hearing device solutions from any of the leading hearing aid manufacturers. We are not like many of the large national chains that recommend one brand or older technology in hearing devices. We provide choice and the latest hearing aid solutions that will provide you with better hearing for years to come.

We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service, a pleasant and professional experience and the latest products at a range of prices in a no-pressure environment. Hence, we have many happy clients.

Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC) was established in 2001 with the specific aim to improve hearing and communication for people with noise-induced hearing loss. Today, we design individual solutions for improving hearing and communication for all people with hearing loss, we provide treatment solutions to people with tinnitus, custom hearing protection for musicians, shooters and people working in noise and ear wax removal services. Read more on our services.

Meet the team

Melbourne Audiology Team

Our team of Hearing Health Care Professionals and Customer Service staff are here to assist you and provide you with a meaningful and pleasant experience at Melbourne Audiology Centre.

Our focus is on you as an individual with unique hearing concerns and needs, we appreciate the emotional impacts of hearing loss on you and your family/friends, we respect your wishes and preferences and we take the time to really understand you and personalise your hearing solution.

We appreciate and value your patronage and business and look forward to establishing a long relationship with you for all your ongoing hearing healthcare needs.

Your experience at Melbourne Audiology Centre begins with our customer service team who will greet you on the phone and when you arrive. They are always happy to accommodate your requirements for your appointment and will answer your questions or refer you to the best person who can help you. In addition, if English is not your first language, we have staff who can speak Greek, Italian, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian and Macedonian.


Customer Service Officer

Kathy has been working at Melbourne Audiology Centre since 2008, initially as an administration assistant at our Fitzroy centre, and now as Customer Services Officer at our Thomastown hearing centre. She enjoys her role which enables her to utilize her excellent customer service and communication skills. Kathy can also do minor hearing aid repairs to assist clients whose aids may have stopped working.

Languages spoken: Greek


Customer Service Officer

Patricia joined the customer service team in July 2015. Patricia works as our Customer Services Officer in Fitzroy and will always greet you with a smile. She likes helping our clients with any of their enquiries and she can also do minor in house hearing aid repairs to assist clients whose aids are not working properly.


Customer Service Officer

Effie joined MAC in May 2019. She is located at our Dandenong clinic. Effie can speak Greek which comes in handy with our Greek speaking clients. Effie has just started studying audiometry.


Customer Service Coordinator

Jennifer joined the Customer Service team at Melbourne Audiology Centre in October 2015 and brings many years experience in customer service from the hearing industry and other industries. Jennifer is our Customer Services Coordinator and she is passionate about providing an excellent customer experience.



Youlia is the Accountant at Melbourne Audiology Centre. She is highly experienced with a keen eye for accuracy in accounts. She is responsible for all accounting functions in the business.

Languages spoken: Bulgarian



Nadia joined the MAC team in October 2021. She is working at our Sunshine Hearing Centre and will be the first point of contact at reception. Nadia has a passion for customer service.

You will be in good hands with our team of audiologists. Our university trained audiologists are experienced in all aspects of hearing care for children over 5 years of age, and adults. All of our audiologists specialize in hearing aid fitting and hearing rehabilitation and we also have audiologists who specialize in tinnitus management or in central auditory processing disorder assessments. Our audiologists are focused on providing the best hearing solutions for your individual needs.

When it comes to hearing aids, you can be assured that you will receive independent advice because our audiologists can select hearing aids from a range of leading manufacturers and do not receive commissions, so they are focused on up and tailoring a hearing aid solution specifically for you.

Fiona Savati

BSc(Hons) GDipAud MAudA(CCP)

Fiona came to Melbourne Audiology Centre in 2007 with over 15 years clinical experience in both the public and private sector. She is passionate about helping people achieve their maximum hearing potential so they can stay engaged with their family, friends and community. One of Fiona’s special interests is Central Auditory Processing, and she enjoys testing and supporting children who need extra help in an educational setting.

Fiona is a full member of the Audiological Society of Australia, and holds a Certificate of Clinical Practice. She enjoys attending conferences and seminars to keep her skills and knowledge at the cutting edge.

Katherine Fournaris

BSc MClinAud MAudA(CCP)

Katherine joined Melbourne Audiology Centre in 2006 and has over 15 years of clinical experience. She is one of our tinnitus specialists and has a keen interest in adult testing, rehabilitation and hearing aid fitting. Katherine is a full member of the Audiological Society of Australia, and holds a Certificate of Clinical Practice.

Sharon Cowan

BA BAppSc(Hons) MClAud MAudSA(CCP)

Sharon has over 15 years of clinical experience with a range of hearing aid providers across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, working in both private practice and a hospital setting. Her special interest in auditory processing adds diversity to our client services here at Melbourne Audiology. Sharon is a full member of the Audiological Society of Australia, and holds a Certificate of Clinical Practice.

Rebecca Lynch

CertIVAudiometry DipAudiometry MACAud

Rebecca joined MAC in 2001, initially as a receptionist and soon became a fully qualified Audiometrist. Rebecca has experience in both the public and private sectors and has an interest in counselling and hearing rehabilitation.
Rebecca is passionate about improving the lives of her clients by fitting hearing aids to enhance their quality of life. Rebecca enjoys the ongoing relationships she has with her clients and loves to see them regain their independence.

Rebecca is a full member of The Australian College of Audiology.

Jamuna Arasu

BBiomedSc BSc(Hons) MClinAud MAudA(CCP)

Jamuna joined Melbourne Audiology Centre in 2009 and has over 15 years of experience as a clinical audiologist. She enjoys a variety of work including adult diagnostics, adult hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation, tinnitus counselling, and paediatric audiology. She particularly loves the satisfaction of removing a large clump of wax. Jamuna can be found at our Dandenong clinic. She is a full member of the Audiological Society of Australia, and holds a Certificate of Clinical Practice.

Liam Hickson

BSc Maud MAudA(CCP)

Liam is an audiologist with many years of experience and has been helping people hear better since 2010. He works from our Sunshine and Werribee offices, and enjoys watching the improvement that hearing aids and aural rehabilitation can bring to people’s lives and the loved ones around them.

Kendall Nelson

BHlthSc MClinAud MAudA(CCP)

Kendall is a Clinical Audiologist who joined the MAC team in January 2018.

She holds a Masters of Clinical Audiology and a Bachelors in Health Science.

She has a passion for helping clients find the best solution for their hearing and also enjoys wax removal and diagnostic testing for both adults and children. She enjoys getting to know her clients and providing a high level of care.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her rescue dog and going out for a run.

Linda Ly

BBiomedSc MClinAudA MAudA(CCP)

Linda joined MAC in September 2021 and works at the Fitzroy and Dandenong hearing centre. Linda is committed to improving the quality of life of the hearing-impaired and their significant others. Linda can also speak Cantonese and Mandarin. Outside work, she likes to volunteer within the local community and listen to podcasts. Linda is a full member of the Audiological Society of Australia and holds a Certificate of Clinical Practice.

Dilnu Muhandiramge

BSc MClinAud MAudA(CCP)

Dilnu joined the team at MAC in February 2018. She is a fully qualified audiologist and has been with Melbourne Audiology Centre since graduation. Dilnu is interested in hearing loss and finding the best hearing aid solutions.