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SHIFT Ready-to-Wear Accessories and Consumables

Accessories sold separately and available on our online shop

All SHIFT accessories and consumables are available for purchase at our online store or at one of our hearing clinics.


The TV Connector is an optional accessory that when connected, sends sound from your TV directly to your hearing devices. The TV Connector can also transmit sound from stereo systems, computers and other audio sources.


The Power Pack is an optional accessory that connects to your charger offering additional charge for your hearing devices, without the need of plugging the charger into an outlet.


The domes on your SHIFT hearing aids are 'consumables' and should be replaced regularly as wax, debris and moisture can build up over time and reduce sound quality. Domes should be replaced every 3-6 months or when they become stiff, brittle or discoloured. Domes are easy to replace and a good way of ensuring your SHIFT hearing devices are working optimally. 


Wax guards protect the SHIFT from wax ingress. They must be changed if they become blocked with wax. The frequency of changing the wax guard can vary from user to user. It depends on the person and how much wax it produced in the ear.


Drying capsules help dehydrate your devices of excess moisture while in the closed charger. There is a space in the inside lid of your charger to store the drying capsule.