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Melbourne’s leading hearing care specialists for over 17 years, with centres in 7 convenient locations.


We work with WorkSafe Victoria

If you have a hearing loss that is related to noise at your work, we can help you to hear better. In fact, Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC) has been providing Victorian workers with services and hearing aids since 2000 and has a high level of expertise in treating Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. 


WorkSafe Victoria

MAC is contracted to provide hearing services and aids for WorkSafe (VIC). If you have a claim number and are looking for a service provider or need some assistance in making a claim to Worksafe, please call us as we are the experts in Victoria and have assisted many people to regain their ability to participate in work and social situations by fitting hearing aids.

ComCare and Comcare Licensees

MAC can provide hearing services and aids under ComCare program to Federal Government staff that have a permanent hearing loss as a result of their work.