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Workers Compensation for Hearing Loss

Can I get free hearing aids under workers compensation?

If you are currently working or have worked in excessive noise and have hearing loss, you may be eligible for compensation for the hearing loss.  There are two types of compensation; you may be eligible for hearing aids and services to treat your hearing loss and financial compensation for damages.

Loud noise can permanently damage your hearing.  This is called noise-induced hearing loss or sometimes referred to as industrial hearing loss.  The type of compensation you may receive will depend on the percentage hearing loss that is due to noise and is calculated from your hearing test.  Generally, if you have a hearing loss greater than 7% you can make a claim for 'Medical and  Like' expenses and if accepted you will be able to receive free hearing aids and services.  If your hearing loss is over 10% you can make a claim for monetary compensation and be awarded a lump sum of money.

Do I have a hearing loss that may be claimable for workers compensation?

We can provide you with a free hearing screening and advise you on whether the degree and type of hearing loss you have may be compensable through Workers Compensation.  We can also refer you on to lawyers who offer 'no win, no fee' service and who will be able to advise you on the type of compensation you may be eligible for.  

If you have an approved workers compensation approved claim number

Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC) is contracted to provide hearing services and products for WorkSafe Victoria.  In fact, MAC has been providing hearing aids and hearing services to injured workers since 2000 and we have a high level of expertise in treating industrial hearing loss. 

MAC is contracted to provide hearing services and aids for WorkSafe (VIC). If you have a claim number and are looking for a service provider or if you need some assistance in making a claim to Worksafe, please call us as we are the experts in Victoria and have assisted many injured workers to improve their hearing with new hearing aids. 


MAC can provide hearing services and hearing aids under ComCare program to injured workers that have a permanent hearing loss as a result of their work. 

Contact us for information, advice and hearing solutions for noise-induced hearing loss.