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Solid Communication ear piece custom made - CLEAR

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Solid Communication ear piece custom made - CLEAR

Pacific Ears

Custom communication ear piece suitable for broadcasting, security etc.  Comfortable to wear, these communication pieces have custom made solid ear mould that can provide maximum hearing protection in noisy environments. Please note this is only for the custom mould, not the electronics and tubing, but the price includes a local appointment for taking the ear impressions.

YOU WILL NEED AN APPOINTMENT AT ONE OF OUR HEARING CENTRES FOR AN IMPRESSION OF YOUR EAR.   Please call us on 1300 761 021 to schedule your appointment.

The price includes;

  • the impression and 15min appointment for impresssion taking
  • one communication piece for left OR right ear

Options can be selected at your impression appointment

  • Coiled hose $17.50
  • Coiled hose with speaker and connector $27.50 

Terms and conditions:

  • Custom made plugs cannot be returned for credit 
  • We offer 1 free remake per plug should the plug not fit the ear properly when it has been inserted correctly
  • Remakes must be done within 30days of purchase date, therefore please alert us of any issues immediately
Custom Broadcaster Earpiece
Custom Broadcaster Earpiece