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Sleep Earplugs

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Sleep Earplugs

Sleep earplugs are custom made to the size and shape of your ear canal for better comfort and retention.  Earplugs are better at reducing high pitch sounds than low pitch. If the bothersome sound is low pitch and loud, the plugs will reduce the sound, they may not eliminate it.  We do not provide any guarantee that bothersome noises will be eliminated.  These custom earplugs may not reduce noise levels any further than well fitted universal fit (eg foam) earplug, however, they offer greater retention in your ear canal and may be more comfortable than universal fit earplugs.  They are made from a soft silicone material and should be comfortable to wear all night. However, if you lay with your ear on a pillow or on your hand or with your hand under your pillow, you may place pressure on the plug that could reduce comfort.  

To make custom earplugs an impression of your ear will be needed. You will need to book an appointment for the impression.  Please call us on 1300 761 021 to arrange an appointment after you have made your purchase.

Included in the price

  • a pair of right and left sleep earplugs in clear (colour options are available at additional cost and can be purchased at impression appointment)
  • impressions appointment
  • carry case
  • user instructions

Terms and conditions

  • We provide refunds in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.  Since these products are custom made to your ears, we do not refund should you change your mind. 
  • We offer 1 free remake per plug should the plug not fit the ear properly when it has been inserted correctly
    • Remakes must be done within 30days of purchase date, therefore please alert us immediately if you have any issue.
Sleep ear plugs
Sleep ear plugs