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Oticon Opn3 miniRITE Hearing Aid

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Oticon Opn3 miniRITE Hearing Aid

Melbourne Audiology Centre Special Online Price $2500* each

(Competitors Price $3200).

Open your world to a better hearing experience with the Oticon Opn hearing devices. Oticon Opn now comes in 3 BrainHearing™ support levels: Opn1, Opn2, and Opn3. Opn3 is a value level hearing device. The Oticon Opn3 is a Receiver-In-the-Canal (RIC) style hearing aid. RIC hearing aids consist of a very small unit that sits discreetly behind the ear and a thin wire connecting it to a tiny speaker (receiver) that sits comfortably in the ear canal.

The Oticon Opn hearing aid solution features BrainHearing™ technology, direct to iPhone connectivity and is the world’s first internet-connected hearing aid.

When you purchase your aids online, one of our audiologists will call you to talk to you about your fitting and choices and will book your fitting appointment. The hearing aids are not shipped to you, you will receive your hearing aids at your fitting appointment. Melbourne Audiology Centre has 6 hearing centres located across Melbourne. Our audiologists have extensive experience in helping people maintain good hearing so they stay connected with the people and things they love.

The hearing aid/s will be programmed to your hearing levels, customised to your ears and personalised to your preferences at your fitting and follow-up appointments.

Online hearing aid price includes the hearing aid fitting and fine-tuning appointment and more:

  • Hearing test to allow accurate programming of the aid
  • Individual hearing aid programming and fitting to your specific hearing loss 
  • Review appointment to further fine-tune your aid 
  • Review appointment to further fine-tune your hearing aids (3months)
  • 1-year supply of batteries 
  • 3-years manufacturer’s warranty 
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s loss and damage insurance**
  • 30-day return for credit option***
*Special price, no other offers apply, **Excess fee applies, ***A service fee applies

Oticon Opn levels

Oticon Opn now comes in 3 BrainHearing™ support levels: Opn1, Opn2, and Opn3.

Available colours

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