Custom Swimmer’s Earplugs (Clear)

  • Impression appointment
  • Left and right swim plugs in standard colour
  • An option of floating or standard material
  • Carry pouch
  • Colour
  • Removal line
  • Connecting cord

These options/extra’s can be purchased at your appointment for impressions.

These products are custom made and you will need to book an appointment to have impressions taken of your ear. The impressions are used to customise your product.
Please contact us on 1300 761 021

  • We provide refunds in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.  Since these products are custom made to your ears, we do not refund should you change your mind.
  • We offer 1 free remake per plug should the plug not fit the ear properly when it has been inserted correctly
  • Remakes must be done within 30days of purchase date, therefore please alert us immediately if you have any issues

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