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clean ears spray

Clean Ears Spray

CleanEars If the ear canal is occluded with wax, you may experience; hearing loss, pain,…

custom musicians earplugs with er modular filters additional er filter

Custom Musician’s Earplugs with ER Modular Filters – Additional ER Filter

Pacific Ears Spare ER filter for Pacific Ears custom Musicians Earplugs.  The price is…

custom musicians earplugs with er modular filters

Custom Musician’s Earplugs with ER Modular Filters (Clear)

Pacific Ears Musician’s custom earplugs are specifically designed to give you some…

Custom Noise Earplugs - HearSavers (Clear)

Custom Noise Earplugs – HearSavers (Clear)

ReSound HearSavers Custom made comfortable earplug.  They are rated as SLC80=21dB. Most…

pro series custom musicians earplugs additional filter

PACS Pro Filters – Additional Filter

Pacific Ears Additional interchangeable filters for the PACS Pro Series earplugs. The…


Pro 31 Industrial Class 5 Earplugs (Clear)

Pacific Ears The PRO31 earplug is custom-made using soft medical-grade silicone so you…


PRO Impact Shooters Earplugs

Pacific Ears The new PRO Impulse filter has been specially developed to reduce sudden…


Pro Series Custom Musicians Earplugs

Pacific Ears The Pro 17 earplugs are the most versatile and natural sounding hearing…

resound musicians hearsavers custom earplug

ReSound Musicians HearSavers – Custom Earplug

ReSounds’ Musicians Hearsavers are customised to your ear and designed to reduce the…

sleep earplugs

SleepSound Extra Soft Earplugs

SleepSound earplugs are custom moulded earplugs specially designed for sleeping. They…

custom swimmers earplugs clear

SwimFit – Custom Swimmer’s Earplugs (Clear)

Custom made swim plugs are designed to protect your ears from water during activities…