Fully subsidised hearing tests and subsidised hearing aids under the HSP

If you are a Pensioner or Veteran, you are most likely eligible for a fully subsidised comprehensive hearing test. You may also be eligible for fully or partially subsidised hearing aids. We can supply these under the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP)*.

Your fully subsidised comprehensive hearing test

You will receive a comprehensive hearing test. This is by one of our experienced audiologists. During your 1-hour appointment, your audiologist will:

  • ask you about your listening and communication needs
  • test your hearing
  • explain your hearing test results
  • inform you about your eligibility for subsidised hearing aids if you have a hearing loss.

All our audiologists are experts in hearing and hearing aids. They will recommend the best hearing aids for your listening needs, so you will be able to take part in conversations and hear the sounds important to you.

Hearing aids available through HSP

We can offer you a range of quality digital hearing aids that are fully subsidised by HSP. This includes Bluetooth hearing aids that can connect with smartphones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. It also includes custom in the canal hearing aids.

If you wish to contribute to the cost of your hearing aids, you can select from a comprehensive range of partially subsidised hearing aids. In this range, you can choose hearing aids with more advanced technology and more features. This will help you to hear better in noise. There are also more styles including rechargeable hearing aids and the very tiny ‘invisible in the ear’ hearing aids.

Your personal hearing aid recommendations

Your audiologist will discuss a range of suitable fully and partially subsidised hearing aid options with you so you can make an informed decision. They will help you chose the best hearing aids for your needs and budget. We will provide ongoing support and care so you can achieve the best outcomes possible. With improved hearing, you will be able to take part in more conversations and listen to your favourite sounds.

*Melbourne Audiology Centre is a contracted service provider for the Government’s Hearing Services Program. All our clinicians are registered and have a QP (Qualified Practitioner) number required for the HSP. We abide by the ethics and rules and obligations of this contract.

We can check your eligibility and apply to the HSP for you

Please call us on 1300 761 021 or make an appointment booking enquiry today.

    Our hearing centres

    Our hearing centres are located in; Fitzroy, Sunshine, Werribee, Taylors Lakes, Thomastown, Templestowe, Dandenong, and Moorabbin.