When addressing hearing problems, science and technology are naturally very important, but a one-size-fits-all approach will only meet the needs of a small number of people.  At Melbourne Audiology Centre we believe in “Patient Centred Care”.  Patient-centred care is health care that is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs and values of patients and consumers.  This is as much about the culture of the way we provide service, as it is about specific approaches and behaviours.

Many of the foundations of patient centred care are expected in an audiological consultation.  These include performing a hearing test, explaining the results, the fitting of appropriate devices if required, and coordination with other healthcare providers when necessary. But we also feel strongly about supporting the emotional and social needs of our clients.  That is why we will always:

  1. listen to your individual problems
  2. enquire about your specific needs
  3. help you understand the nature and cause of your difficulties
  4. ask about your preferred way to deal with your problems
  5. consult with your family members and communication partners

What we won’t do is talk at you

Service is the keystone to patient centred care.  That is why much of the time in our appointments is spent listening to you and your loved one/s.  In order to support our service philosophy we ask that you bring a family member/s or support person along to your appointments as much as is practicable.   In this way we can be responsive to your needs and preferences as well as those of your main communication partners.

This ensures you are central in any clinical decisions, resulting in a respectful relationship between clinician and patient from the very start.

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