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What Clients Say

What Clients Say

We have helped a lot of different people from different walks of life with their hearing needs. Here's a little of what our clients say about their experiences with our services and products at Melbourne Audiology Centre.

  • Vince (Glenroy) on how his life turned around with new aids

    "I find that these hearing aids are very helpful and very comfortable. I hear sounds which I haven't heard in a very long time, for instance; When I talk I don't have to yell to hear myself.I can hear everybody around me talking very clear. When watching television it is absolutely amazing. 
    The music coming from the hearing aid when turned on is very relaxing when there is no noise around me. I thank you for turning my life around, now I can even hear the indicators ticking in my car and my city link beeper go off. 
    Thank you again Katherine for providing me with the utmost excellent service and product, Will be referring you to many others.

    Sincerely, Vince Fedele.  Glenroy VIC 

  • Lyn G. (South Bank) on life with new hearing aids

    I’m absolutely loving my h/aids – I went to my fourth movie last night and am going to another tonight! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do……..thanks to you!!

    Cheers, Lyn (April 2015)

    [2 weeks later]  "Last night I attended my 8th movie in three weeks - something I haven't been able to do for many years!"

  • James Clifford (Maribynong) on life with hearing aids

     “The last few months have been particularly intense on a professional front, and I have found it a lot easier to get through the long days and lots of meetings because I am not working as hard just to understand what is going on in the conversation, especially if more than one person is talking at once.” 

  • James Clifford (Maribynong) on MAC service

    “The service delivers what it promises and is very professional. I am fortunate to have a great outcome and this is largely down to the efforts of my audiologist helping me to understand the process and what to adjust for my circumstances.”

  • James Clifford (Maribynong) on life with hearing aids

    “My family wish I’d done it years ago. I hadn’t realised that my hearing was as bad as it is.” “I’m finding it easier to get through a busy time at work purely due to improved hearing.”

  • Peter Barta (Elsternwick) on life before hearing aids

    “Family complaining that I was not listening. As I am a dental surgeon I was exposed to high pitch noises most of my working life.”“inability to take part in conversations during social events.”

  • Peter Barta (Elsternwick) on life with hearing aids

    “...probably the most important aspect is that I can relax in the company of other people.  I no longer have to concentrate on the words and sentences other people say and having to ask them to repeat it.”

  • Peter Barta (Elsternwick) on MAC services

    “My clinician was excellent. She was patient, listened to my apprehensions and recommended the aid which she felt was most suitable for my needs.  Needed a few minor adjustments which were attended to promptly.”

  • Piero Roma (Taylors Lakes) on life before hearing aids

    “For about 5 years my wife and family complained that they had to shout every time they spoke to me.  I couldn’t hold a conversation in a crowded room, or speak on the telephone.”

  • Mr Byron Cotsis (Boronia) on life with hearing aids

    “My wife asked me why I say….what? what? Now I have more pleasure of [listening to] music and am a ‘good listener’!” 

    “….opens a new sense of sound, would recommend Melbourne Audiology Centre without hesitation. Staff is very professional, helpful and friendly.” 

  • James Clifford (Maribynong) on life with hearing aids

    “Extremely beneficial.  I hadn’t really thought that the aid would make as much of a difference as it has.  I had been sceptical about how much they would aid comprehension.  I’d assumed that it would just make everything louder. In fact, the aids do a great job of working out which sounds need to be loud and which ones don’t. It also does a great job rejecting general background noise.”

  • James Clifford (Maribynong) on life before hearing aids

    “I’d become so used to having difficulty with speech comprehension in noisy environments that I didn’t really think about it most of the time.  I was often having trouble during social functions understanding what was being said around me.”

  • James Clifford (Maribynong) on MAC service

    “I found the staff at MAC great to deal with.  All the things they said they would do, they did and they did them when they said they would.   As a busy business owner, this is a critical part of a great service and a key reason why I’ve recommended MAC to a colleague. I haven’t used another clinic and I don’t need to look for alternatives.”

  • Geoff Gilligan (Devon Meadows) on life before hearing aids

    “People used to talk to me and I could not hear them at the time” “My grandkids, I couldn’t hear them when they spoke to me and my family”

  • Geoff Gilligan (Devon Meadows) on life with hearing aids

    “I could hear my birds chirping and it was great not to say to the kids, Poppy can’t hear you”....“ I can hear what people say now without staring at them”...“They [MAC] have fitted them nice and comfortable”

  • Piero Roma (Taylors Lakes) on life with hearing aids

    “My experience on being first fitted was amazing.  I could hear the birds singing in the trees.  But best of all I could have normal conversations with my family and friends.”

  • Antonio Loculano (Thomastown) on his new hearing aids

    "I could hear everything again! Very good. It is much better as I can hear now"

  • Laura (South Yarra) on ear wax removal

    "Huge thank you to Fiona who recently performed an earwax removal service for me. After a painful few days with a blocked ear, the 5 minute, painless procedure was done and I was hearing perfectly; the best I had in years! I cannot recommend Fiona and the MAC enough and secretly can't wait to have service done again."  

    Laura, (South Yarra), 8th May 2015.

  • Chuck Lau on his Starkey Halo2 hearing aids