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Our Credentials – why choose us

Why choose Melbourne Audiology Centre?

Why choose Melbourne Audoiology Centre for hearing health care

You will receive expert hearing care. 

We will treat you with care and respect.  You can expect a comfortable, professional and no-pressure environment. Most of our audiologists each have 10 to 25 years of experience in the hearing care industry. They will assist you to manage your hearing problems and/or tinnitus in your daily life. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff will make you feel welcome.

Our customer service staff are available to answer your general questions and sort out any queries you may have.  In addition, we have staff that can speak  Greek, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian & Russian to assist clients who have English as a second language.

Well established hearing centres with the latest equipment.

Your hearing services are conducted at well-established hearing centres using the latest equipment and assessment/treatment techniques.  Hearing assessments are conducted in soundproof facilities and with the latest equipment.  This ensures high accuracy of results.

Addressing your hearing and communication needs is our priority.

You can be assured our team of audiologists are completely focused on how to best meet your hearing and communication needs.  Our audiologists do not receive commissions on hearing aid sales. We believe in helping people with hearing loss to enjoy life. We do this by improving hearing and consequently people's ability to communicate, participate and engage with others.

You can choose from a wide range of hearing aids from leading manufacturers.

We are privately owned.  Our Audiologists can offer the latest hearing device solutions from any of the leading hearing aid manufacturers.  We are not like many of the large national chains that recommend one brand or older technology in hearing devices. We provide choice and the latest hearing aid solutions that will provide you with better hearing for years to come.

Service and care since 2001

We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service, a pleasant and professional experience and the latest products at a range of prices in a no-pressure environment. Hence, we have many happy clients.

Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC) was established in 2001 with the specific aim to improve hearing and communication for people with noise-induced hearing loss. Today, we design individual solutions for improving hearing and communication for all people with hearing loss, we provide treatment solutions to people with tinnitus, custom hearing protection for musicians, shooters and people working in noise and ear wax removal services.  Read more on our services.