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Tests and Services

What we offer

Assessments are conducted in soundproof testing facilities using fully calibrated equipment to ensure accurate assessments are carried out for your patients. Services offered:

Full diagnostic audiology assessments for adults and children over 5 years of age

  • Audiometry
  • Speech discrimination
  • Impedance
  • Acoustic reflexes

Central Auditory Processing Assessments for children over 7 years of age and adults


Aural rehabilitation services and hearing aid fittings

  • Advice and counselling
  • Rehabilitation program including hearing aids


  • Comprehensive Tinnitus and Hearing Assessment
  • Counselling, management and tinnitus treatment

Hearing protection

  • Custom earplugs for noise, musicians, swimming and sleeping
  • Ready-fit ear plugs available

Cerumen removal

  • Cerumen removal using micro-suction and curette techniques


The table below gives you an indication of the audiological tests recommended for your patients' symptoms. We will provide you with a comprehensive report on the results and any recommendations for each patient.




Hearing Loss

Also linked to diabetes, obesity, smoking, falls, dementia

Bilateral or Unilateral


  • PTA
  • Cerumen removal


  • If a sudden loss is reported, immediate referral to Eye and Ear Hospital is highly recommended for urgent ENT intervention. PTA following the intervention. 
Hearing communication difficulties Pensioner/veteran
  • Hearing Services Program (OHS) application form completed and signed by patient and doctor if a patient is new to the program
  • PTA
  • Aural rehabilitation program

  • PTA
  • Aural rehabilitation program
Blocked Ears Bilateral or unilateral
  • PTA, impedance, cerumen removal
Difficulty Hearing in Noise Adults
  • PTA
  • CAPD assessment if indicated
  • Aural rehabilitation program if indicated

Children over 7 yrs. of age
  • CAPD assessment and PTA
Tinnitus Bilateral, unilateral or pulsatile
  • Tinnitus assessment & PTA
  • Tinnitus management, counselling and/or treatment
Dizziness and Vertigo
  • PTA (may need a referral to ENT, hospitals for balance testing)
Pre-employment tests


  • Hearing test - air and bone conduction
  • Hearing protection - custom ear plugs


PTA = pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, impedance and/or acoustic reflexes

CAPD = Central Auditory Processing Disorder tests 
OHS= Government's  Hearing Services program

Are you eligible for free Services?

Many Pensioners and Veterans are eligible for free services under the Australian Government's Hearing Services Program (OHS). Under this program, eligible clients are issued with a voucher for hearing services. This is termed a 'New' voucher. Melbourne Audiology Centre is an approved service provider for this program.
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What is a CDM Plan?

People with a chronic medical condition may be able to get Medicare benefits to cover audiology services that help manage their condition. If you have a patient under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan (a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements) and require audiology services, all of our audiologists are accredited to provide audiology services under Medicare.

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Download a Referral Form

Download a print and complete GP Referral Form.

If you prefer, here is an editable GP referral form.

Referral Pad: Please contact us for a referral pad.

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Our References

Hearing loss is linked to other conditions such as Dementia, Diabetes, Obesity and risk of falling over.
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