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Our References

Hearing loss is linked to other conditions such as Dementia, Diabetes, Obesity and risk of falling over - below are the references.

  • Hearing loss is twice as prevalent in adults with diabetes as in the general population (Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, volume 149, number 1.)
  • People with BMI of 30-40 have a 17% higher risk of hearing loss compared to people with normal BMI whereas those with a BMI of over 40 have a 25% greater risk? (Sources: and
  • People with hearing loss show a greater rate of memory loss, dementia, and shrinkage of the brain. Source
  • Hearing loss is linked to a 3-fold risk of falling. This may be due to an increased cognitive load, or because people who cannot hear well may not have a good awareness of their overall environment. Source

What we offer

Assessments are conducted in soundproof testing facilities using fully calibrated equipment to ensure accurate assessments are carried out for your patients. Read more to see the services we offer...
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Your patients may be eligible for free services

Many Pensioners and Veterans are eligible for free services under the Australian Government's Hearing Services Program (HSP). Under this program, eligible clients are issued with a voucher for hearing services. Melbourne Audiology Centre is an approved service provider for this program.
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What is a CDM Plan?

People with a chronic medical condition may be able to get Medicare benefits to cover audiology services that help manage their condition. If you have a patient under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan (a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements) and require audiology services, all of our audiologists are accredited to provide audiology services under Medicare.

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Referral Pad: Please contact us for a referral pad.

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