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Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn™. The first hearing device that revolves around you.

Recent studies show that "following conversation in noisy places" is the No.1 greatest challenge for people with hearing loss1. You probably know the feeling. You're sitting around the dinner table or at a restaurant, working hard to follow the conversation but the conversation moves on – leaving you behind.

With the Oticon Opn hearing aids the new revolutionary BrainHearing™ feature, Opn Sound Navigator™, distinguishes between speech and background noise. Continually adjusts the relative volume depending on where different sounds are coming from in 360⁰. The ground-breaking technology processes sounds fast giving your brain a complete soundscape and putting you in charge of which sound you focus on. The result is less listening effort to understand what is being said. When you don't have to concentrate as hard to hear, you will be less tired and it will be easier for you to remember the conversation. Now you can enjoy family and friend get-togethers without missing out.

Oticon Opn comes in 3 BrainHearing support levels: Opn1, Opn2, and Opn3.  Read more

As well as the popular miniRITE (Receiver-in-the-Canal) style, the Opn is also available in miniRITE-T and BTE-PP styles. The Opn miniRITE –T is a discreet miniRITE with a telecoil and the Opn BTE-PP is a Behind-The-Ear Power Plus style that provides power for people with severe hearing loss.   With its 3 levels – Opn1, Opn2, and Opn3 – and 3 styles, the Opn hearing aids can cover the needs of most people with hearing loss ranging from mild to severe-to-profound.

Oticon Opn miniRITE model now comes in a rechargeable version for your convenience.  Simply place in the charger overnight to enjoy a full day of listening with your Opn rechargeable hearing aids. Read more.

Melbourne Audiology Centre audiologists are experts in solving hearing and communication problems using the latest hearing aid technologies. We can help improve your hearing.

Arrange a 1hr comprehensive hearing aid evaluation and discussion appointment that includes a hearing test and recommendations of the best invisible hearing aids to suit your hearing and communication needs. Take advantage of our free take-home trial

If you already know that the Oticon Opn is the best solution for you, take advantage of our special Oticon Opn online prices.  Payment plans available please ask us.


Chris's story

Chris talks about the remarkable change in his ability to follow the conversation when he is dining in large groups.

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Oticon Opn is made for iPhone and is the world's first internet-connected hearing aid

Oticon Opn is made for iPhone and is the world's first internet-connected hearing aid

1 First Time User Study, 2010