NDIS Hearing Aids and Eligibility

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the Hearing Services Program (HSP) work alongside each other to support Australians with hearing loss. This means that you could be eligible for support to help you get the treatment you need to ease the suffering that comes with hearing loss.

Supporting NDIS Participants With Hearing Care

The NDIS funds provide hearing support for NDIS participants aged 26 and over who are not eligible for the HSP. The NDIS also funds additional reasonable and necessary hearing services for participants if they are not available through the HSP.

This includes people under the age of 26 who require hearing aids and care. Melbourne Audiology Centre can provide hearing aids and services for NDIS participants whose funds are self-managed or plan-managed, allowing us to help as many NDIS participants as possible.

It Starts With a Hearing Test

The first step to getting your application for NDIS subsidies approved is to complete a comprehensive hearing assessment. It’s important to note that your initial diagnostic audiological assessment is not funded by the NDIS and will not be reimbursed.

However, the Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC) audiologists will be able to provide a 1-hour diagnostic assessment for which you may be able to receive a Medicare benefit. You may also be eligible for services under the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP). The results of this examination will be able to support your NDIS application to get your hearing aids subsidised.

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Hearing Aids Through NDIS

Hearing aids that are fully subsidised through NDIS will be entirely covered, meaning you won’t have to pay a cent for them. These aids will be high-quality and fully functioning, though they may not include all the features that partially subsidised hearing aids might offer.

Partially Subsidised
Hearing aids that are partially subsidised by NDIS will have a portion of the cost covered, though you will have to pay the remaining cost yourself. Typically, these hearing aids will come with added, non-essential features to enhance your experience. This could include wireless connectivity or automatic functions.

Your NDIS Hearing Care Questions Answered

You may be eligible to claim your hearing aids through the NDIS if you are over the age of 26 and not eligible for HSP. Contact MAC to learn more about the process and to discuss the specifics of your circumstances.

Operational guidelines by the NDIS indicate that for disability access requirements to be met, a person’s hearing impairments must be equal to or greater than 65 decibels in the more functioning ear.

Absolutely! At MAC, we work with NDIS participants on self-managed plans as well as those who are plan-managed.

Yes – all plan-managed NDIS participants will be able to work with MAC to receive all their required hearing services.

Yes, we do. If you are an NDIS participant managed through the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), the MAC team will be able to support your needs.

No, your hearing assessment is not covered by NDIS. However, your assessment may be used to support your NDIS claim.

Why Choose Melbourne Audiology Centre

Helpful and Experienced Team

Here’s the MAC difference: our clinics are comprised of experienced, highly-skilled audiologists. Not only do we deliver top-quality care, but we create compassionate environments for our clients. Plus, we have staff members fluent in a variety of languages to make our services as accessible as possible.

Honest Care

MAC is a clinic that doesn’t run on commission. Our private facilities prioritise honest, genuine care above everything else. When you work with us, you can rest assured that our priorities are in order.

Serving Melbourne for 20 Years

Since the beginning of our clinic in 2001, Melbourne Audiology Centre has spent more than two decades providing Melbourne locals with the highest level of hearing services available. With locations all over Melbourne, top-quality care is waiting right at your doorstep.

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Did you know that you could be eligible for support through the NDIS? Whether you’re plan-managed or self-managed, our team at MAC is here to help, as your hearing services and care are essential to your long-term hearing health. Live the life you deserve – book your subsided hearing test today to start your journey toward diagnosis and treatment.