How to buy the best hearing aids for you

If you have a hearing loss, hearing aids can help.  There are many brands and styles of hearing aids on the market. So how do you know which is best for you? Consult an audiologist. Why?

Audiologists are the experts in hearing and hearing loss. They understand the complexity of hearing loss and it’s impacts on relationships. Audiologists also understand and keep abreast of the latest hearing aid technology. When helping you choose the best hearing aids, they make evidence-based recommendations. In addition, there is a large range of add-on accessories that can take hearing aids to another level. Your audiologist will ask you about your hearing and how hearing loss is impacting your life. They will recommend the best hearing aids for your hearing levels, needs and budget.

Hearing loss is a complex condition with damage occurring to the ear and/or the hearing nerves. Some types of hearing loss can be treated with medication or surgery. But most cases of hearing loss cannot be treated medically.  This is when the audiologist comes in.  The two major causes of hearing loss are getting older and loud noise.  Both age-related and noise-induced hearing loss are complex and permanent.  They affect the inner ear, the hearing nerves or both.

Audiologists also know about the impacts of hearing loss on relationships, the enjoyment of sounds and wellbeing.  Hearing aids can help.

Our audiologists have ongoing training in all the new hearing aid technologies.  They keep abreast of current advances in devices that will help with hearing loss.  Hence, they can match up the best hearing aid technology and devices with an individual’s hearing loss and listening needs.

Hearing aids do more than make sounds louder. Making both speech and noise louder may not necessarily make it clearer for someone with hearing loss. In fact, making sounds too loud can cause distortions of the sound and distortions in the ear, as well as being uncomfortable.

Hearing aids must make speech clearer. They must reduce annoying noise and amplify speech. This is quite challenging to achieve because;

  • the speech and noise often occur together
  • there are different types of noise – background noise, echo/reverberation, wind noise
  • sometimes the ‘noise’ you do not want to hear is other speech
  • the sound environment around us is changing from one instant to another
  • sounds are coming from all around us

The newest technologies in hearing aids focus on:

  • improving speech clarity by:
    • more accurately identifying what is speech and what is noise when they are combined
    • improving strategies for amplifying speech and reducing noise
  • faster processing computer chips to keep up with the constantly changing sound environment
  • more natural sound and ability to detect which direction sounds are coming from
  • unique amplification strategies for music to improve it’s fidelity
  • connecting directly with mobile phones so audio from mobile phones is sent wirelessly using Bluetooth to the hearing aids
  • connecting to TV, tablets and more so audio is streamed wirelessly to the hearing aids
  • new rechargeable hearing aids that give a full day’s charge.

Melbourne Audiology Centre offers a wide range of the latest quality hearing aids.  We only supply hearing aids made by the leading hearing aid manufacturers.  In this way we are confident that the hearing aids we supply meet high quality standards.  We can also be assured that they provide the correct amplification for each individual hearing loss.  Delivering the correct amplification is vitally important to achieving optimal speech clarity.

Hearing aid prices depend on several things including:

  • technology features
  • the style of the hearing aid
  • whether there are any rebates available:
    • Government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP) rebates for pensioners, veterans and other eligible clients
      • HSP clients may be eligible for fully or partially subsidised hearing aids
    • health fund rebates

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To help you choose the best hearing aids, our audiologist will ask you about your listening and communication needs and your lifestyle.  They will help you select the best hearing aids that are within your budget and they will program and fine-tune the aids, so you achieve the best hearing possible.

The price of your hearing aids includes the audiology services required for programming and adjusting the hearing aids.  Our goal is to help you achieve the best hearing possible with the best hearing aids for your needs.  Hearing aids generally last for years.  Over time your hearing, hearing needs or lifestyle may change.  Your hearing aids may need further adjustment and we are here to help you, so you have many years of good hearing with your investment.

Hearing aids are an investment of your time and money. The way to find the best hearing aids is to get professional unbiased advice. Consult one of our audiologists.

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We supply hearing aids from leading hearing aid manufacturer’s including Oticon, Starkey, Unitron, Signia, Phonak, Widex, Beltone and Resound.

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