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Custom Earplugs

Protect your hearing with custom made earplugs

All custom earplugs require ear impressions to be taken. An ear impression is a 'cast' of the outer ear and ear canal to determine your exact individual size and shape. Your audiologist will explain the procedure and take the impressions. During impression taking, you will feel some pressure in your ear and the coolness of the impression material, it is usually painless. Please contact us to make an appointment.

You can purchase your custom earplugs at our online shop. Click here.

Custom earplug range

Solid custom earplugs

These solid custom ear plugs provide you with the most hearing protection by reducing noise by up to 40dB in the high frequencies. They are most suited for people who need to reduce high level noises such as industrial workers, builders, construction workers, aircraft operators and power tool users.

Musicians custom earplugs

Musicians custom earplugs are specifically designed to give you some hearing protection whilst also allowing enjoyment of music.  This is achieved by a special filter that reduces the volume of all frequencies evenly, so that the bass and treble components of the music remain balanced.  These special filters come in a range of noise reduction levels, from 9dB to 25dB.

Your clinician will advise which is most suitable for you.

Custom In-Ear-Monitors (IEM)

Custom In-Ear-Monitors are high-fidelity miniature speakers inserted into custom earmolds. They are used by musicians, sound engineers and music lovers to block out unwanted noise and provide crystal clear sound quality to music.  IEM prevent musicians being exposed to excessive sound levels from stage monitors and also enables individual control for each musician over the instrumental and vocal mix.  At MAC we can provide you with the ear impressions required to make custom IEM.  Please call us to make an appointment with one of our audiologists to have an ear impression taken.



Shooting and Hunting Custom Earplugs

Shooters custom earplugs give maximum hearing protection when a loud noise is present, but allow less intense sounds (such as speech) to enter more freely.  A special “non-linear” filter achieves this by snapping shut as the loud sound is detected, preventing its entry into the ear.

Sleeping Custom Earplugs

Custom earplugs for sleeping are made from a soft soft silicon material, fit perfectly in your ear and are comfortable to wear all night long.  They are effective are reducing noise levels so that you can get a better nights sleep. 

Please be aware that the plugs will reduce the noise but may not eliminate it.  Plugs are better at attenuating high pitch sounds so low pitch sounds such as snoring, traffic noise will be attenuated less. In addtion, sleeping on your ear or with your hands under your ear or pillow can increase the risks of discomfort with the sleep plugs. 

Swimmers' Custom Earplugs

Swimmers custom earplugs are designed specifically to protect your ears from water during activities such as swimming, surfing and other water sports.  If you are prone to ear infections/irritation, have a perforated eardrum or have grommets inserted in their eardrums then protecting your ears from water is vital and custom made earplugs can give you superior protection. They are made from a soft silicone material, are comfortable to wear, easy to insert and stay securely in your ears.

Have you worked for many years in a noisy industry?

MAC have been providing services and aids to people who suffer from Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) for over 14 years, in fact, we were set up to service the needs of this group of people and have a unique level of experience and knowledge of the special considerations of treating NI.
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Treating noise-induced hearing loss

There are multiple consideration and some challenges when addressing the needs of people with Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). About 60% of our clients have NIHL and we believe our audiologists are amongst the most experienced in addressing the challenges that this type of loss poses and to ensure that you have a successful outcome.
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Damage to hair cells and nerve synapses

In its early stages, many people affected by noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) are unaware they have it. However, NIHL is insidious in nature; it increases slowly over the years of continued noise exposure. People who have worked for many years in a noisy industry will attest to the difficulties noise-induced hearing loss can cause.
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What are the safety limits for Noise Exposure?

The effect of noise on hearing is cumulative and is based on how often you are in noise, the time spent in noise and how loud it is. In the workplace, employers must ensure that workers are not exposed to more than 85dB over 8-hour shift (OH&S regulations). The time that can be spent in noise decreases as the loudness of the noise increases. This is also the benchmark to establish safe limits for noise exposure for recreational activities. Read more to see our diagram...
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