Are you newly retired and looking forward to spending more quality time doing the things you love? Now with the easing of restrictions and end of lockdown on the horizon, how are you thinking of filling your days? Perhaps, like many of us, you have planned to spend more time with friends and family. Or perhaps taking a course or joining a club is more your scene when it becomes possible in the coming months.

Countless studies have shown that social engagement is important for successful ageing. And while this this has been limited lately, there’s lots we can do to stay connected with our loved ones and communities. Firstly, hearing is one of our predominant senses and has a vital role in communication. Participating in conversations on the phone, video chats or face-to-face with family and friends is challenging if you have hearing loss. The prevalence of hearing loss increases with age. At MAC we would love everyone to have a hearing test on retirement so we can identify any potential issues that may be a barrier to communication.

There are several ways to obtain a hearing test. If you receive the age pension you are entitled to FREE hearing tests under the Commonwealth Government Hearing Services Program.  Simply call us and we will guide you through the application process. If you are a not a pensioner, we don’t want you to miss out, so we will provide a FREE 15-minute screening test, complete with results and advice.  Contact us now and we will help you to realise your maximum communication potential today and for the years to come.

We are currently open and can see people who need urgent/essential hearing services before the 26th of October. We are also taking bookings for all hearing services after October 26.

Call 1300 761 021 or on make an online appointment booking enquiry here.

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