Victorians have much to look forward too. After months of dreary weather and lockdowns, temperatures are warming up and we are getting out again.

Picnics are currently all the rage, and before too long we will be gathering in larger groups outdoors, in venues and eventually in homes. We are all looking forward to opening up and connecting with our friends and families once more.

Hearing is vitally important for good social connections, and good social experiences lift our mood. Now is the perfect time to start looking after yourself again. Get yourself ready for all the joy that Christmas gatherings bring by getting a hearing test.

We are taking bookings for late October now, but they are filling fast. Should you choose a hearing aid solution, this can begin in November, and be fine-tuned in December, just in time for the festive season.

Look forward to more fun and rewarding times with your improved hearing because life after lockdown is coming and it looks and sounds great!

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