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More on Tinnitus

What is the Tinnitus Cycle?

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in your ears or in your head when no such sounds are present in the world around you. It is often described as “ringing”, “whistling” or “buzzing”. In the majority of cases it is subjective meaning only the person with tinnitus can hear it, but on very rare occasions tinnitus can be objective and others can hear it as well. 

Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom usually caused by some damage in the hearing pathway from your ear to the brain.  Tinnitus varies from one person to the next, being bothersome in some people and a mild nuisance to others. It can also be affected by ongoing noise exposure, certain foods, and medications, as well as stress and the general well-being of the individual. 

The Tinnitus Cycle

Tinnitus can be a vicious cycle. You begin to hear the tinnitus, you then start attaching negative emotions to it causing worry and stress. Each time you subsequently hear your tinnitus you become more and more stressed which causes it to become louder. This, in turn, causes you to worry and stress more, which makes the tinnitus louder forming a vicious cycle of worry and stress which can make the tinnitus worse. A holistic approach to tinnitus treatment will help break this cycle.

What is Amplification?

Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss; about 70% of people with hearing loss report tinnitus. For these people, tinnitus can often be reduced or eliminated through the use of appropriately fitted hearing aids. Read more to find out the reasons why hearing aids are beneficial to tinnitus sufferers...
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Sound therapy helps desensitize you to tinnitus

Sound therapy can take a number of forms. For example, hearing aids that can generate sounds such as masking noise or fractal tones. or Tinnitus devices such as the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment.

Masking noise or fractal musical tones (Widex ZEN) and the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment stimulate the auditory pathways and reduce the hyperactivity in the brain that is associated with tinnitus and hence reduce the perception of tinnitus. Each of these devices uses its own specific and patented sound to manage tinnitus. Read more to find out what our audiologists recommend is the best solution for your individual needs.
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How we can help you

Tinnitus counselling provides you with a thorough understanding of your tinnitus, we will give you information about the mechanisms of tinnitus, the auditory system and how other brain areas such as your emotional area and the "fight or flight" response effect tinnitus. We will also explain to you about the habituation process.

We will address the effects of tinnitus on your emotional state and provide tinnitus management techniques and strategies. This may include relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation and tips on getting to sleep.

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