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Hearing Protection

Are you always in a noisy environment?

If you are in noisy environments whether are work or during leisure activities it is important to protect your hearing from noise damage with appropriate earplugs.


Permanent hearing damage can occur if you are exposed to loud noise. This is called Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).  In addition, exposure to loud noise can bring on or exacerbate tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

At Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC) we specialize in making custom earplugs; these are individually shaped to your ears. Compared to "off the shelf" generic ear plugs, they have the advantage of being;

  • more comfortable to wear
  • long lasting
  • easy to insert
  • securely fit in the ear
  • more discreet


Our audiologists can recommend the right custom earplugs for you and ensure that they will provide you with sufficient protection and also allow you to hear the sounds you need to hear. For example; musicians earplugs allow you to hear the details in the music in a quieter and safer way.

We also offer a range of 'universal fit' earplugs for use by people who are looking for lower cost options on hearing protectors.

We offer a range of custom earplugs:

  • For people in noisy places at work or leisure
  • For musicians
  • For iPod/mp3 player users
  • For sleeping
  • For swimming
  • For shooting

 Please visit our online store to order your earplugs, or book your appointment. 


We offer a range of custom ear plugs for various uses

All custom earplugs require ear impressions to be taken. An ear impression is a 'cast' of the outer ear and ear canal to determine your exact individual size and shape. Read more to find out how your audiologist will carry out the procedure and take the impressions.
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Have you worked for many years in a noisy industry?

MAC have been providing services and aids to people who suffer from Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) for over 14 years, in fact, we were set up to service the needs of this group of people and have a unique level of experience and knowledge of the special considerations of treating NI.
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What is NIHL?

There are multiple consideration and some challenges when addressing the needs of people with Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). About 60% of our clients have NIHL and we believe our audiologists are amongst the most experienced in addressing the challenges that this type of loss poses and to ensure that you have a successful outcome.
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Do you have Hearing Loss?

In its early stages, many people affected by noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) are unaware they have it. However, NIHL is insidious in nature; it increases slowly over the years of continued noise exposure. People who have worked for many years in a noisy industry will attest to the difficulties noise-induced hearing loss can cause.
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What are the safety limits for Noise Exposure?

The effect of noise on hearing is cumulative and is based on how often you are in noise, the time spent in noise and how loud it is. In the workplace, employers must ensure that workers are not exposed to more than 85dB over 8-hour shift (OH&S regulations). The time that can be spent in noise decreases as the loudness of the noise increases. This is also the benchmark to establish safe limits for noise exposure for recreational activities. Read more to see our diagram...
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