Your Journey to Better Hearing

Taking the first steps to improve your hearing can be exciting for some but it can be worrying for others. In either case, we are here to help you choose the best hearing aids for your needs and budget.  Once you take that step and purchase your hearing aids, we will support you on your journey to better hearing every step of the way.


Before Your Appointment

You notice trouble hearing, or your family complain about your hearing. It is normal to go through a series of emotions about your hearing difficulties, from denial, frustration, attempts to postpone taking action to finally acceptance. At some point you will decide to make an appointment for a hearing test. Well done! You have taken the first step. Please call Melbourne Audiology Centre on 1300 761 021 to arrange your hearing test.


Welcome to MAC

Welcome. Our friendly front office staff will greet you and make you feel welcome. If you are a new client, you will be asked to complete some forms. To assist some clients, our office staff can speak Greek, Italian, Serbian and Russian.


Your Hearing Assessment

Your Audiologist will ask you about your hearing and communication concerns, your hearing needs and wishes. They will take a medical history, examine your ears and they will assess your hearing and your ability to understand speech. All of this is non-invasive and not painful. Taking all this information into account your audiologist will discuss your results with you, answer all your questions, and make appropriate recommendations. If you have a hearing loss, they will discuss treatment options, such as communication strategies, hearing aids and other assistive listening devices or referral to your doctor for medical treatment.


Your Hearing Aid Selection

If hearing aids are recommended, we will discuss hearing aid solutions suitable for your hearing loss, needs, and budget. Melbourne Audiology Centre provides you with independent professional information and advice to help you select your hearing aids.


Hearing Aid Fitting

Congratulations! Being able to hear again will change your life. You have made the right decision on your hearing journey.  During this appointment, your audiologist will fit your hearing aids to you; personalising and tailoring them to your hearing, your ears and your preferences.


A World of New Sounds

With your new hearing aids, you will hear a whole world of new sounds around you. Some people love this, others take a little longer to get used to them. Your audiologist will help you adjust to the new sounds and to using your new hearing aids.



Your journey does not end with the successful fitting of your hearing aids. We are here for your ongoing hearing needs and hearing aid maintenance. Over time we will regularly assess your hearing, check your hearing aids and address any changing hearing needs.