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Are You Protecting Your Ears?

Do you regularly spend time in loud environments for work or leisure activities? Have you experienced the muffling of sound and high-pitched ringing in your ears after a loud music gig? You could very well be unknowingly causing permanent hearing damage to your ears.

Your hearing is a precious thing. If your hearing degrades over time, your communication will suffer, which can then decrease your quality of life. Communication and the ability to connect with those you love are the prices you pay for hearing damage. Sometimes, you may not even realise how drastically you might be damaging your ears simply by living your life.

The choices you make today will directly impact your future health, so what can you be doing to protect your long-term hearing health?

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Permanent hearing damage can occur in your ear and auditory nerves if you are exposed to loud noise. This is called Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). In addition, exposure to loud noise can bring on or exacerbate tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears). Suffering from hearing loss or discomfort can lead to years of struggle, but you don’t need to handle this condition alone. With the support of audiologists at Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC), you can find effective ear protection to ease your symptoms and boost your future health.

The Melbourne Audiology Centre Treatment Process

1. Assessment

Before anything else, we need to assess your hearing. After a diagnostic assessment with one of our experienced audiologists, we will be able to determine the specific needs of your hearing loss condition.

2. Select

With your assessment complete, we will be able to help you select your preferred form of protection from our wide range of custom earplugs. Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, we will be able to offer a method of hearing protection suited to your needs.

3. Aftercare

Aftercare is essential when it comes to your hearing health. At Melbourne Audiology Centre, we don’t believe in short-term solutions. We will offer comprehensive advice to ensure the long-term health of your hearing, as well as organise checkups and aftercare plans to ensure your custom earplugs do their job correctly.

Custom Earplugs

Here at Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC), we provide custom earplugs for all clients who may benefit from them. We make earplugs that are designed for the highest quality of hearing protection on the market, shaped to fit the ears of each individual client. Generic, ‘off the shelf’ earplugs might be able to provide short-term relief, but custom earplugs can offer a level of support you won’t find elsewhere. Some of the advantages of MAC custom earplugs include being:

  • More comfortable to wear
  • Longer lasting
  • Easier to insert
  • Securely fitted in the ear
  • More discreet

Our audiologists can recommend the perfect custom earplugs for you and ensure that they will provide sufficient protection from loud noises. Not only will they protect you from potentially damaging sounds, but they will likewise equip you to hear the sounds you need to hear more safely. For example, our custom earplugs for musicians will allow you to hear the details in the music in a quieter and safer manner.

We offer a wide range of earplugs:

  • For people in noisy places at work or leisure
  • For musicians
  • For iPod/mp3 player users
  • For sleeping
  • For swimming
  • For shooting

Your Hearing and Ear Protection Questions Answered

Being exposed to high levels of noise for prolonged periods of time can start to cause damage to your hearing. Noises above 70dB can cause harm over long periods, while loud noises above 120 dB can bring immediate, severe damage to your ears.

Some of the most commonly experienced side effects of noise-induced hearing loss include difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments such as restaurants, trouble hearing high-pitched noises like telephones or doorbells, and finding that speech and other sounds are muffled.

Absolutely! Rather than using generic, one-size-fits-all earplugs that come right off the shelf, you can enjoy custom earplugs that are designed to last longer and are tailored to fit your ears.

Ultimately, while custom earplugs cost more than off-the-shelf brands, they have a greater payoff. They are built to last, meaning you won’t need to replace them quite so quickly. Paying a higher price will give you greater levels of protection, increased health benefits, better comfort, and superior results.

Custom earplugs can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you’re a musician, you work in loud environments, you frequent concerts and gigs, you have difficulty sleeping due to your loud environment, or you simply want to protect your ears from water as you go swimming, custom earplugs may provide the support you need.

Why Choose Melbourne Audiology Centre?

Helpful and Experienced Team

When you come to MAC, you will receive an expert level of care from highly experienced audiologists. Our team is compassionate and dedicated to their work, and we have staff who speak a multitude of languages to make necessary care as accessible as possible.

Honest Care

Melbourne Audiology Centre is a privately owned facility that doesn’t run on commission. Our work isn’t about making money – we’re here to provide honest care and genuine services. When you come to one of our clinics, you can trust that your well-being is our sole priority.

Serving Melbourne for 20 Years

Melbourne Audiology Centre has been operating since 2001, giving us more than two decades of experience as Melbourne’s local hearing care provider. With a series of locations all across Melbourne, there’s bound to be a MAC clinic near you.

Book Your Diagnostic Hearing Test

It’s time to stop putting off those checkups and tests. For the sake of your health and your peace of mind, take a step in the right direction by booking a diagnostic hearing test today. In just one appointment with a friendly team member at Melbourne Audiology Centre, you may be able to find some definitive answers about the state of your hearing.

Stop wondering and worrying – book your appointment today, and you’ll be thanking yourself for many years to come.