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Add-on Devices

What hearing aid Add-On options are there?

We offer a range of add-on devices that complement your hearing aids and allow you to connect wirelessly to your TV, phone, tablet and more; making your hearing aids work as a personal wireless headset. They empower you to participate in almost any situation. They are great for business, home and leisure.

Wireless Add-on Devices

Melbourne Audiology Centre offers a range of wireless add-on devices that complement your hearing aids, they enable you to connect and communicate effortlessly for:

  • TV, music
  • Mobile phone and other phones
  • Better voice clarity in noise or over distance with remote microphones, T-coil and FM systems
  • Entertainment - audio from your  mp3 players, computers/tablet, stereo systems
  • Lectures and schools
  • Personal remote controls
  • Teleloop for all aid styles

Brands include; the Oticon TV adaptor and ConnectClip,  Phonak ComPilot and TVLink, the Widex DEX, Unitron SmartControl, uTV and Starkey SurfLink accessories.  A lot of these brands enable connectivity through a device called a Streamer (pictured in the centre on the image). 
We can explain how each of these devices works and demonstrate them to you during your hearing aid consultation.

Smart Phone Apps

Recently a few manufacturers have developed Apps for the iPhone. Read more.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD's)

ALD's are devices that can help you hear better and there are generally are of two types; those that connect to your hearing aids and those that work alone.
You can purchase a range of ALD's from Melbourne Audiology Centre. The ALD's that connect with your hearing aids usually require professional advice and assistance from our audiologists, these include FM systems and remote controls. Please call us to ask about these ALD's.
Stand-alone ALD's are available for purchase at our online shop without the need for a consultation with our audiologists. See online shop

Which Style Suits you the Best?

Hearing aids come in various styles, which differ in size, the way they sit on your ear and consequently how visible they are to other people. Whilst some people don't mind showing off their new hearing aids; after all, they are very high-tech medical products, there are still a large number of people who prefer more discreet styles. Read more to find out what the different styles are...
Read more

Which hearing aid performance level and price will suit my needs?

Melbourne Audiology Centre offers a full range of hearing aid solutions at a range of prices to suit your budget. We provide full audiological services with your hearing aid fittings; this means we assist you in every step of your personal journey to good hearing.

We understand that price will be a big consideration in your decision to purchase hearing aids. At MAC, the price you pay for a hearing aid solution includes;

  • the hearing aids and your personal hearing rehabilitation program
  • any custom made ear pieces or ear moulds
  • appointments with your audiologist to ensure accurate fitting, fine-tuning and adjustment of the aids to your personal needs. Read more on what's included in the price of hearing aids.

For a quote on your personal hearing aid solution, complete our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 761 021 and make an appointment to see one of our audiologists. If you have a written quote from another hearing aid provider, we are happy to provide you with a competitive quote for free. We will need to see your quote before we can do this, please email us your quote or call us on 1300 761 021 for more information.

Price and Performance of hearing aids

The price of hearing aids will depend on the aid's performance level; premium, advanced, value and economy.  The performance is determined by the technology in the aids, which in turn defines how well they will perform in different situations.

Premium level hearing aids provide better performance in more demanding listening situations such as restaurants, clubs or parties. In consultation with one of our audiologists, you will find the best hearing aid solution for your lifestyle needs and for your budget. Read more.

Your choice of hearing aids will depend on the situations where you would like to hear better i.e. your lifestyle. The table below will give you an indication of the performance level that will suit your lifestyle. For example, if you have a very social lifestyle and need to hear in lots of complex noisy environments, a premium hearing aid will better meet your needs. 

    Performance level and price range for a pair of aids

    Lifestyle - where do you need to hear better?


    Home, quiet conversation, TV, phone, family gatherings
    Out and About
    Shopping, in the car, cards/bridge, visiting, home, quiet conversation, TV, phone, family gatherings
    Meetings, lectures, open-plan office, mobile phones, cafes, shopping, in the car, cards/bridge, visiting, home, quiet conversation, TV, phone, family gatherings
    Worship, music, theatre, movies, meetings, lectures, open-plan office, mobile phones, cafes, shopping, in the car, cards/bridge, visiting, home, quiet conversation, TV, phone, family gatherings
    Parties, restaurants, clubs, cocktail bars, worship, music, theatre, movies, meetings, lectures, open-plan office, mobile phones, cafes, shopping, in the car, cards/bridge, visiting, home, quiet conversation, TV, phone, family gatherings
    Latest Products include*: 
    Oticon Alta Pro, Phonak Audeo Q-90, Phonak Bolero Q-90, Phonak Naida Q-90, Phonak Virto Q-90, Unitron Quantum2 Pro, Unitron Moxi2 Pro, Widex Dream 440, Starkey Halo i110
    Latest Products include*:
    Oticon Nera Pro, Phonak Audeo Q-70,  Phonak Bolero Q-70,  Phonak Virto Q-70, Phonak Naida Q-70, Unitron Quantum2 20, Unitron Moxi2 20, Widex Dream 330, Starkey Halo i90
    Latest Products include*:
    Oticon Nera, Oticon Ria Pro, Phonak Audeo Q-50, Phonak Bolero Q-50, Phonak Virto Q-50, Phonak Naida Q-50,  Unitron Quantum2 16, Unitron Moxi2 16, Widex Dream 220, Starkey Halo i70 
    Latest Products include*:
    Oticon Ria, Unitron Quantum2 10, Unitron Moxi2 10, Phonak Audeo Q-30, Phonak Bolero Q-30, Phonak Naida Q-30, Phonak Virto Q-30,  Widex Dream 110, Starkey Z series i30

      to       relative performance of the hearing aids,  from least to best performance.

    (*We have included only some of the latest hearing aid models from leading manufacturers on this list, if you are searching for other models and brands please contact us as we can most likely supply them).


    All privately purchased hearing aids come with a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty covers any faulty parts or workmanship; it does not cover accidental or wilful damage. We will give you a copy of the warranty conditions with your purchase.

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