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What's included in the Price

Our Comprehensive List

The accurate fitting of hearing aids is only one part of the process. Hearing rehabilitation (getting used to hearing again) is a complex process requiring specialised audiological counselling and support. Your audiologist will work with you through your personal hearing program over the first 12 months to ensure successful hearing outcomes.  We recommend to all our clients a full audiological rehabilitation service with their hearing aid fitting. The program includes:

1. The hearing rehabilitation plan

  • This is personalised for your needs and is required to assist you to acclimatise to the new sounds that you will be hearing
  • It can take up to 6 weeks for the brain to get used to sounds again; your audiologist will help you through the process
  • Over the first 12 months, your hearing needs or preferences may change as you become accustomed to the hearing aids and the aids may need further adjustments

2. The hearing aids

  • The hearing aids make up part of the total price, the more expensive the solution, the more advanced the hearing aid technology is and better outcomes should be achieved in more demanding listening situations

3. Fitting of the aids for comfort of sound

  • To match your audiological profile
  • Adjusted to match your preferences for sound

4. Verification of the acoustic performance of the aids

  • Verification testing ensures that the amplification you receive in your ear canal is matched to the hearing prescription (ear canal size and shape impact the acoustics and the sound you receive from the hearing aids)

5. A custom-made ear mould or ear tips

  • Custom-made ear mould or ear tips may be required for aids to fit comfortably and securely in your ear and to achieve the acoustical performance required of the aids

6. Fine-tuning the settings of aids to obtain the best hearing outcomes possible for you

  • This may include adjusting the aids as you acclimatise to sounds over the first few weeks

7. Any further adjustments of the hearing aids within 12 months from the date of fitting

  • Your preferences for sounds may change with time as you acclimatise

8. Instructions and practice on using the hearing aids properly

  • Proper insertion of the aids into your ear canal is critical to achieving the required acoustic performance of the aids

9. Instructions on care and maintenance

  • Hearing aids are placed in/on ears that may be moist (due to sweating) or have ear wax or both
  • Maintenance of the aids is vital to ensure their optimal performance and prevent wax blockages

10. 3 years manufacturer’s warranty

11. 60 days return option (a service fee applies)

12. Disposable batteries for 12 months*

(* assuming standard battery use ie maximum of 1 battery per aid per week. Please note that large amounts of streaming music, phone audio will consume more batteries and this is not included. Applies to disposable batteries only, rechargeable batteries not included)




We have 4 hearing aid performance levels

The price of hearing aids will depend on the hearing aid's performance. The performance is determined by the technology in the aids, which in turn defines how well they will perform in different situations. Melbourne Audiology Centre offers hearing aids at 4 prices/performance levels. Read more to find out what the 4 prices ranges are.
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Let's find your perfect solution

Your audiologist has knowledge of all the latest hearing aids and their features and benefits. They know about the complexities of the auditory (hearing) system in general and the status of your individual hearing in particular. They will listen to your needs and combined with their expertise, will help you to select the best hearing aids. Read more to find out what considerations will be involved...
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