Hearing Aid Prices

If you are suffering from the impact of hearing loss, Melbourne Audiology Centre (MAC) offers a full range of hearing aid solutions at a range of prices to suit your listening and communications needs and your budget. 

At MAC, the price you pay for a hearing aid solution includes the hearing aids, the fitting and programming of the aids and your personal hearing rehabilitation program. Read more on what's included in the price of hearing aids.

Price of hearing aids

Hearing aid prices range from $1400 to over $4000 each. 

Book a hearing aid discussion appointment at a SPECIAL price of $120 (reduced from $175).  Call on 1300 761 021 or book appointment online.

During this 1 hour appointment, you will have your hearing tested, you will discuss your listening and communication needs in detail and explore the range of hearing aid solutions that will best meet your needs and budget.  If appropriate, your audiologist may offer you a free take-home trial of hearing aids.

Free quote

Have hearing aids already been professionally recommended for you? If you have a written quote from elsewhere, we are happy to provide you with a  quote for free. Please call us on 1300 761 021 for more information. 

We have a range of hearing aids are available to purchase at our eStore.

Maybe hearing aids have already been professionally recommended to you and you are shopping around.  Or maybe you are an experienced hearing aid user who knows what you want, in either case, you can purchase the latest Oticon Opn or Starkey hearing aids at our eStore. 

Hearing aids will keep your relationships strong and improve overall wellbeing.  

People with hearing loss can experience embarrassment, loss of confidence, depression, irritability and anger, withdrawal, isolation and loneliness, exclusion from family and social activities and tiredness. Their family members, friends and colleagues may find themselves continually having to explain or interpret for them. This can lead to frustration, embarrassment, a sacrifice of some joint activities, and tiredness from the extra effort required sustaining a fluid conversation. Reducing the strain to hear improves relationships and everyone’s quality of life. By choosing Melbourne Audiology Centre as your hearing services provider, you will benefit from the expertise of our experienced audiologists.