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Purchasing the Right Hearing Aid Solution

What is the best value hearing aid solution for me?

Which hearing aids will work for me? Are they comfortable? Will others notice them? What's the best value hearing aid solution?

It's normal to have a lot of questions when you are looking for hearing aids. Our audiologists can answer your questions and tailor a personalised hearing aid solution for you during a 'Hearing aid discussion appointment'. We will:

  • show you the different styles of hearing aid and how they look on the ear
  • discuss the different level of technology in hearing aids and how the technology level relates to your needs
  • show any suitable add-on devices to the hearing aids f- these add-on devices are used in special situations such as watching TV or streaming music from your phone, iPad or other devices
  • discuss prices and help you to choose the best value hearing aid solution for your listening and communication needs.

Book a Hearing Aid Discussion appointment.  During this 1 hour appointment, we will test your hearing, discuss your listening and communication needs in detail, recommend the best hearing aids to meet your listening and communication needs and your budget.

We have been providing hearing care since 2001 and have 9 clinics across Melbourne - Fitzroy, CBD, Sunshine, Werribee, Taylors Lakes, Thomastown, Dandenong, Templestowe adn Moorabbin. 


Which Hearing Aid Style Suits me the Best?

Hearing aids come in various styles, which differ in size, the way they sit on your ear and consequently how visible they are to other people. Whilst some people don't mind showing off their new hearing aids; after all, they are very high-tech medical products, there are still a large number of people who prefer more discreet styles. Read more to find out what the different styles are...
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Wireless accessories connect to your hearing aids and enhance your listening experience

We offer a range of add-on devices that complement your hearing aids and allow you to connect wirelessly to your TV, phone, tablet and more; making your hearing aids work like a personal wireless headset. They empower you to participate in almost any situation. They are great for business, home and leisure. Keep reading to find out more...
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