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Selection of the best hearing aid solution

Let's find your perfect solution

Your audiologist has knowledge of all the latest hearing aids and their features and benefits. They know about the complexities of the auditory (hearing) system in general and the status of your individual hearing in particular. They will listen to your needs and combined with their expertise, will help you to select the best hearing aids. Considerations will be given to:

  1. Your hearing
    • the degree and type of the hearing loss in each ear
    • speech discrimination tests results
  2. Your ear canal size and shape
    • this will be particularly relevant for very small IIC (invisible in the canal) hearing instruments
  3. Your communication needs and lifestyle
    • what you need to hear and situations where you need to hear better
  4. Your preferences
    • what style of hearing aid you would prefer; invisible, easy to manage, long battery life
    • the importance to you of your listening experience with the aids
  5. Your budget
    • how much you wish to invest in your hearing
Once the aids are selected, they will be accurately fitted and fine-tuned to your personal needs. When fitted, your audiologist will assist you through the acclimatisation process so you are able to use your hearing aids every day

Included in hearing aid prices is your program to help you hear optimally

The accurate fitting of hearing aids is only one part of the process. Hearing rehabilitation (getting used to hearing again) is a complex process requiring specialised audiological counselling and support. Your audiologist will work with you through your personal hearing program over the first 12 months to ensure successful hearing outcomes. Read more to find out what the program includes...
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We have 4 hearing aid performance levels

The price of hearing aids will depend on the hearing aid's performance. The performance is determined by the technology in the aids, which in turn defines how well they will perform in different situations. Melbourne Audiology Centre offers hearing aids at 4 prices/performance levels. Read more to find out what the 4 prices ranges are.
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