As audiologists we understand the vital importance of hearing for your wellbeing and quality of life.  With COVID-19 restrictions, more are relying on telephones, video-chats, radio, and television for connecting.  These all depend on good hearing.  Some people with hearing loss are finding the current times particularly challenging.  Also, following a conversation with someone wearing a facemask can be difficult for people with hearing loss.

Our free online hearing test is ideal for people who are curious to learn more about their hearing.  It may also be a good starting point in this time of COVID-19 as you can do the test in your own home.  This test is a screening test and can identify if there is any significant hearing loss present.

The free online hearing test consists of an audio test and a short questionnaire.  It has been validated under laboratory conditions and has a good degree of accuracy.  However, it cannot be used for diagnostic purposes.  A diagnostic hearing test must be done using calibrated equipment and in a sound-treated room.

You will get your results instantly when you complete the test online.  If you wish, you can ask that your report is emailed to you.  Of course, at any time you are welcome to contact us if you would like any further information or to book an appointment.  You will be given our contact details at the end of your test.

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