People who treat their hearing loss with hearing aids are happier, healthier and wealthier compared to people who do not use hearing aids.  These are results found in a report “hearing loss – numbers and costs” published by hear-it AISBL*.

The main findings are:

  • Hearing aid user earn significantly more than non-users
  • Unemployment rates from non-users are approximately twice those of hearing aid users
  • Early retirement and less demanding jobs are more common if you an untreated hearing loss.  This also means that the average income of people with hearing loss is below that of people with normal hearing
  • Hearing aid users report improvements in their overall quality of life and that hearing aids have a positive impact on their family relationships.  Untreated hearing loss can lead to depression, loneliness and social isolation.  It can also have multiple effects on personal and family relationships.
  • Hearing aids another hearing solutions such as implants have a positive impact on general health. Such as less physical and mental exhaustion, better sleep, less depression and better memory than non-users

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