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SHIFT Ready-to-Wear Hearing Devices

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SHIFT Ready-to-Wear hearing devices are a new way of thinking about your hearing health. 

Ideal for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss who are looking to take charge of their hearing solution.  The SHIFT is ready-to-wear, easily set-up using the SHIFT hearing App and does not need audiology appointments.

Shift makes the first step to better hearing easy.

  • Easy to set-up
  • Personalise your sound profile and optimise on-the-go
  • Direct media streaming via Bluetooth®Hands-free phone calls to both ears
  • Programs optimise sound for conversations in quiet and noise, as well as live music


SHIFT accessories include:

  • SHIFT TV Connector
  • SHIFT Power Pack 
  • SHIFT Vented Domes
  • SHIFT CeruShield wax guard
  • SHIFT Drying capsules