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Patient Centred Care

Posted by on 7 January 2019

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When addressing hearing problems, science and technology are naturally very important, but a one-size-fits-all approach will only meet the needs of a small number of people.  At Melbourne Audiology Centre we believe in “Patient Centred Care”.  Patient-centred care is health care that is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs and values of patients and consumers.  This is as much about the culture of the way we provide service, as it is about specific approaches and behaviours.

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Is someone you know saying, “Sorry, can you say that again” way too often?

Posted by on 18 May 2018

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If you’re reading this, you may suspect a friend or loved one may have some hearing loss.  Some people with hearing loss will act quickly and do something about it but others can take a long time and may need some extra motivation.

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Will you hear your family, friends and favourite sounds this summer?

Posted by on 16 November 2017

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Sounds are a major part of every day. For example, there are sounds like the microwave beeping that your food is ready, the kettle whistling, the phone ringing, and the blinkers in your car when turning. There’s the comforting sound of a kitten purring or a well-loved song track. There’s the contagious sound of a child’s laugh. There’s the pure enjoyment of engaging with other through conversation. 
Speech is a sound that enables people to connect with others. Hearing and understanding speech enables you to participate in conversations at home, work and socially. 
Sounds have an amazing ability to trigger memories: most people have experienced how a song or a melody can transport them back to the first time it was heard. 
In fact, there are thousands of sounds that we come across every day that are a big part of our life, past and present. 
For many people, these familiar sounds are fading. Hearing loss happens gradually with sounds starting to diminish until they are gone. Often, we don’t realise how much all the sounds around us actually mean until they are missing. 
With summer coming and the weather improving we become more active and if there is a hearing loss may notice the missing sounds.

At Melbourne Audiology Centre, we committed to bringing these sounds back into your life. We help people hear their favourite sounds again, whether it’s their granddaughter’s laughter, their son’s singing, the Christmas lunch conversation or thousands more.

Melbourne Audiology Centre’s clinical team are committed to finding the best hearing aid solution for you to be able to enjoy your favourite sounds. 
Ready for new hearing aids in order to better enjoy the sounds in your life? Check out our great hearing aid prices...

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