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Potatoes and Hearing Aids

Potatoes and Hearing Aids

Posted by on 25 August 2017

Dr Alcock presented on ‘the potato strategy – how to change a social norm’.  He introduced the topic by speaking about potatoes.  We didn’t know that when first introduced, potatoes were considered pig food and not something that should be eaten.  However, over time the social norms changed, the benefits of potatoes as a food source were realised and potatoes today are not only a food staple they are preferred food source – think chips, roasted with rosemary etc.  

There is still some degree of stigma associated with wearing hearing aids. Only old people wear hearing aids – right?  Well no.  Anyone who has a hearing and communication difficulty could be helped by wearing hearing aids. So how can we change the stigma of hearing aids?  Our role as audiologists is to educate and empower individuals to achieve and maintain their full potential by realising the important role that hearing plays.  Like the potato, as people realise the benefits of good hearing and ear level technologies become more common, wearing hearing aids may even become desirable. Hearing is important for you and our society. 

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