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Ocean Sound – Relaxing or Annoying?

Ocean Sound – Relaxing or Annoying?

Posted by on 30 August 2017

It depends on where you hear it. If it’s inside your ears or head it can be annoying. Tinnitus help is available

Tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease. It can be described as ringing, whistling, buzzing or like a roaring ocean. It may be soft or loud; composed of a single sound or multiple components; it may be continuous or intermittent. Current research now considers tinnitus to be a disorder involving the brain. Hearing loss is often a prerequisite for tinnitus. It is thought that hearing loss, through lack of auditory stimulation, causes an increase in neural activity in the brain, which is perceived as the tinnitus sound. One of the goals of tinnitus treatments is to normalise this hyperactivity.

At Melbourne Audiology Centre, our goal is to help you understand and gain control of your tinnitus, rather than the tinnitus controlling you. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ tinnitus treatment approach and no ‘cure’ yet for tinnitus. However there are safe, effective and non-invasive treatments and management strategies for tinnitus that includes; sound therapy, counselling, and combined hearing aid/tinnitus devices for those who also have a hearing loss.

For anyone concerned about tinnitus, the best place to start is by booking a tinnitus appointment at Melbourne Audiology Centre.