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Link Between Hearing Loss And Tinnitus.

Link Between Hearing Loss And Tinnitus.

Posted by on 17 August 2017

Hearing awareness week is August 20-26 2017.  MAC would like to raise awareness on the link between hearing loss and tinnitus.

So what is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of any corresponding external sounds. It may be perceived in one ear or both, or ‘in the head’. It is often described as ringing, whistling or buzzing or even like a roaring ocean. It may be soft or loud; composed of a single sound or multiple components; it may be continuous or intermittent.

There are two kinds of tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus is tinnitus only you can hear. This is the most common type of tinnitus. Objective tinnitus is tinnitus your doctor can hear when he or she does an examination. This rare type of tinnitus may be caused by a blood vessel problem, an inner ear bone condition or muscle contractions.

Nearly 80% of people with hearing loss will have some degree of tinnitus.  While about 80% of people are not overly bothered by tinnitus, the remainder will seek help for tinnitus.

All of MAC’s clinicians are qualified to provide advice, guidance, counselling and devices to help people who have a mild to moderate level of tinnitus. In addition, we also have 2 tinnitus specialists who assist people with severe tinnitus or if the tinnitus is affecting sleep or concentration.

We offer a range of tailored tinnitus management/treatment options.

We encourage you to book a tinnitus appointment* if you are concerned about your tinnitus. During this 1 hour appointment, and if appropriate, you can take home a hearing and tinnitus device home for a free 1 week trial.  It will allow you to try them and see if you can get some relief from your tinnitus.  Call us on 9415 5858 or book online to arrange this appointment. (*the price of the appointment is $175).