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Hearing Is Precious And Fragile.

Hearing Is Precious And Fragile.

Posted by on 24 August 2017

During Hearing Awareness Week (HAW) 20-26 August 2017, we would like to alert people to the importance of protecting your hearing when you are in loud noise.  How loud is too loud?
The effect of noise on hearing is cumulative and is based on how often you are in noise, the time spent in noise and how loud it is. In the workplace, employers must ensure that workers are not exposed to more than 85dB over 8-hour shift (OH&S regulations). The time that can be spent in noise decreases as the loudness of the noise increases.
On the HAW website you can check to see if a particular noise is too loud and how long you can safely listen to it for.

If you find that you are often in too loud noise or music, we encourage you to wear hearing protection.  We offer custom made hearing protection for musicians, shooters and other noisy places.  Please visit our website.