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Viewing entries posted in September 2017

Hearing Aid Solution For The Young, Young At Heart And The Stylish

Posted by on 28 September 2017

Liam fitted the 100% invisible and 100% amazing Starkey SoundLens, here’s his and our client’s experience.  “I saw Mrs. E. for a discussion about trying her first ever pair of hearing aids. She knew she was having trouble hearing. She explained to me that she’d never worn hearing aids before, but had started to realise that she needed them to keep up with the pace of her busy lifestyle. She works in fashion retail and is young, stylish and fashion conscious, so she said that she would prefer something discreet if it were possible.
I offered for Mrs. E. to try a set of demonstration hearing aids that I had in the clinic that are quite discreet.  As a first time hearing aid user, I wanted her to try the hearing aids for a week to experience the sound quality, performance and cosmetic appeal. She found that these hearing aids, which sat behind the ear, were too conspicuous for her taste and caused her discomfort with her glasses.  However she loved her greatly improved hearing and the fact that she was not so tired at the end of a working day. We discussed a possible invisible solution for her: the Starkey SoundLens.
The SoundLens is almost like a contact lens for your ears. It is a super small, incredibly discreet, custom-made hearing aid that sits deep inside the ear canal for the most invisible looking hearing solution possible, and Mrs. E was keen to try it.
Mrs. E loved the SoundLens from the first moment that she put them on. She said that they looked brilliant (actually you can’t see them at all), and that her family and friends couldn’t see the hearing aids. That combined with improved hearing and all the benefits that good hearing provide made Mrs. E very happy indeed.”
Liam has Masters of Clinical Audiology and is an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist.  Liam works at our Sunshine, Fitzroy and Werribee hearing centres.

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Hearing – Why It’s So Important For Relationships!

Posted by on 27 September 2017

Good hearing is essential for communicating, socialising, relaxing, interacting and maintaining relationships.
One of the most common complaints we hear from our client’s partners or family members is the TV being too loud. This occurs when someone has an untreated hearing loss and the only way they can enjoy the TV is by turning the volume up.  But this is not great for others wanting to watch TV.  Too often the result is fighting over TV volume.  Not only can this be frustrating for all concerned but over time it puts a lot of stress on relationships.
The other common complaint we hear from our clients is that they no longer feel like going out socially as it’s too difficult to follow the conversation and they feel awful sitting there and not participating. This social withdrawal also affects relationships with loved ones.
The solution is hearing aids - they keep relationships strong.

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Have You Seen The SoundLens?

Posted by on 26 September 2017

The SoundLens hearing aid is invisible so unless you have one of your own or one of your friends has shown you it’s most likely that you haven’t seen it!
The SoundLens i2400 is a wireless option that connects your mobile phone with your hearing aids.  With a SurfLink accessory, you can stream audio and music from your iPhone, TV and more. Advanced features include; speech enhancement, a specific Music Enhancement technology and whistling elimination features.

Melbourne Audiology Centre audiologists are experts in fitting these tiny hearing aids. More information here Melbourne Audilology Centre Starkey SoundLens

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Meet Our Audiologists

Posted by on 25 September 2017


Liam Hickson is an audiologist with a passion for motivating people to change their hearing for the better. He takes the time to understand clients hearing and communication needs so he can offer the best solutions to hearing problems.  He has a light, personable and gentle demeanour and a problem solving, “can do” attitude.

Liam has been with Melbourne Audiology Centre since 2016. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Masters of Clinical Audiology in 2010, and is an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist. As a member of Audiology Australia, Liam has to abide by a code of conduct and also undertake continuing professional development to maintain his know and skills.  
Liam works at our Fitzroy, Sunshine and Werribee hearing centres.

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Invisible Hearing Aids – Steps In Making Them

Posted by on 22 September 2017

The Starkey SoundLens is a tiny invisible hearing aid that fits deeply and comfortably down the ear canal. We see a lot of clients who want these invisible hearing aids, are you wondering how they are made?
Step1: we inspect the ear canal and ensure that that is no wax blocking the ear canal and check there are no other medical reasons not to continue on to taking an impression (a cast of your ear).
Step 2: the impression of the ear canal is which used to make the hearing aid to your individual ear canal size and shape.  To take the impression we first put a cotton block deep down in the ear canal, this prevents any impression material -that has a consistency similar to playdough - reaching the ear drum.  The impression material then goes in and we wait a few minutes while it sets before we gently remove it.
Step 3: the impression is sent to Starkey (hearing aid manufacturer) who use it to make the shell of the hearing aid. The electronics are housed inside the shell. The hearing aid is then tested to ensure the electronics meet specifications and all is working as it should be before it is sent back to us ready for fitting to our clients.

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Can you see it? Invisible hearing aids.

Posted by on 20 September 2017

No-one will see that you are wearing the Starkey SoundLens IIC hearing aids but they will notice that something has changed; you have more energy, you’re more engaged at work, you’re joining in more at social events, you’re happier to attend social events….. the list is endless.
IIC stands for Invisible-In-the-Canal hearing aids and they sit comfortably and deep down your ear canal. They are popular because they are invisible and they are packed with advanced features.
We have fitted a number of these tiny invisible hearing aids and our clients love them.
If you feel conscious about using hearing aids that others can see, this may be the right solution for you.

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Tinnitus in Australia

Posted by on 13 September 2017

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A survey carried out by Oticon Australia in 2015 revealed that over 40 per cent of Australians have experienced or know someone with Tinnitus. Thirty nine per cent of the people surveyed admitted their tinnitus meant they experienced difficulty in enjoying life and social occasions. Almost 50 per cent of respondents said their tinnitus made them feel tired and fatigued, while over 45 per cent felt depressed and anxious as a result of the condition.

One way to take control and manage tinnitus is by using sound therapy. Sound therapy ‘retrains’ your brain by replacing the annoying tinnitus with more pleasant sound. Sound therapy can take multiple forms, but for those who also have a hearing loss, the best form is with the use of a combined ‘ear level’ tinnitus and hearing device. Many hearing aid manufacturers have incorporated a sound generator into their hearing aids thereby giving  tinnitus and hearing loss sufferers convenient access to a sound therapy program that is worn on the ear.

In June this year, Oticon introduced a new Tinnitus SoundSupportTM as a standard feature in all Oticon Opn hearing aids. Oticon Opn allows the wearer to play soothing relief sounds directly into their hearing aids, as well as stream other sounds like music or audio books, which can help draw their attention away from the tinnitus.

We encourage anyone concerned about their tinnitus or hearing health to book an appointment at one of our hearing centres.  Call us on 1300 761 021

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