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24 May 2017

What to do if your hearing aids stops working

If your hearing aids stop working here are a few tips on things that you can do.


Check battery

The first thing to check is the battery.  Replace the battery with a new one.  Did you know that hearing aid batteries are the Zinc-air type (unless you have a rechargeable hearing aid)?  When using Zinc-air batteries, it’s a good idea to let the battery sit for a few seconds after you take the sticky tab off so air can get in and fully charge the battery - it means longer battery life.

Wax blockage

The other main reason why a hearing aid stops working is wax.  Wax can block the sound outlet of the hearing aid, how and what you do depends on the style of hearing aid you are using. You are using a BTE hearing aid with an earmould, check the earmould sound outlet and remove any wax using the cleaning tool supplied with the aids. If you are using a custom made hearing aid - ITC, ITE, CIC or RIC (Receiver in the Canal) with a  tip, you will need to change the wax management system which is a small filter on the sound outlet. Please follow the instructions that come with the spare wax filters. If replacing the battery or the wax filters does not restore the function of your hearing aid (or if you don’t have any wax filters), you can bring the hearing aid to one of our hearing centres and we will advise you on whether we can repair the hearing aid ‘in house’ or whether we will need to send it to the manufacturer for service and repair.

Old hearing aids

Do you have old hearing aids that have stopped working or are not working optimally for you?  Is it time for you to take the next steps and get new ones? Book in for a "Hearing Aid Discussion Appointment" at Melbourne Audiology Centre.  This comprehensive appointment takes 1 hour and costs $120*.  During the appointment, the clinician will demonstrate the latest hearing aids to you. Contact us to arrange your appointment. 

*If you're a pensioner or veteran, you may be eligible for fully subsidised services under the Government's Office of Hearing Services program. Please contact us on 1300 761 021 for information.