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3 Oct 2017

We Can Help You Maintain Good Hearing And Stronger Relationships

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Liam writes about a client that he particularly enjoyed helping.
“Mrs. D is 93 years old. She lives by herself and likes to keep her independence. She came to see me today to do something about her hearing. Her son also came along to support her.
Together, they were able to explain that Mrs. D had been turning up the TV volume to hear it better, which has been causing some disagreements between the two of them. They had also noticed that she can only hear the phone ringing when she stands close to it. Her sons are becoming frustrated when she asks them to “speak up” and “say that again.”
Mrs. D is also a pensioner, so she was eligible for Government assistance with hearing aids. She decided to get some hearing aids to help her hear better around the house and to stay better connected with her family - either face-to-face conversation or talking on the phone.
With her new hearing aids she is well on the path to making her relationships with her sons much stronger and increasing their enjoyment of watching TV together. “
Liam has Masters of Clinical Audiology and is an Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist.  Liam works at our Sunshine, Fitzroy and Werribee hearing centres.

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