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25 Nov 2016

Should you tell your boss you're hard of hearing? Maybe they already know.

stressed man at work MAC

Medically known as presbycusis, age-related hearing loss begins in the late 50’s to early 60’s. In addition, many baby boomers will have a noise-induced hearing loss already, sustained from rock’n’roll concerts and loud bands or whilst working in noisy workplaces without wearing any hearing protection.

Both of these types of hearing loss can be gradual enough that they may not be recognised at first. Some people may have difficulty admitting their hearing loss, even to themselves, and make excuses such as others “mumble”, or “young people are not clear”. 

More than half of baby boomers are still working. Many with hearing loss have not sought treatment and strain to follow conversations at work or misunderstand what is being said, and some even pretend to hear when they can’t. The first step to reducing hearing fatigue at work is to have a hearing assessment.  At Melbourne Audiology Centre a Doctor’s referral is not required to have a hearing assessment, however, with a doctor’s referral to Melbourne Audiology Centre, there is a Medicare benefit.

If a hearing loss is detected, your audiologist will discuss with you a range of hearing aid options.

Latest hearing aid technology

We are excited about new hearing aids that can connect directly to your mobile phone – such as the Oticon Opn and the Starkey Halo –which allows you to hear your phone call in both ears.  

We’re also thrilled that we can offer much more advanced technology to help people hear better in more difficult situations such as in group conversation or in a restaurant for example. In fact, a recent study showed that satisfaction with hearing aids is higher (91%) with hearing aids bought in the last 12 months1.

The team here are ready to answer any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.