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15 Jun 2017

Oticon launch two new styles of Opn Hearing Aids

opn styles

This week, Oticon launched two new styles of Opn hearing aids adding to the popular Opn miniRITE style.  By style, we mean the shape, and the shape of the aids is determined by their power; larger hearing losses required more powerful hearing aids. The Opn hearing aid is now available in 3 different shapes.  In addition to the current small and discreet miniRITE style, there is a new miniRITE-T and a BTE -PP.  The Opn miniRITE –T is a discreet miniRITE with a telecoil and the Opn BTE-PP is a Behind The Ear Power Plus style that provides power for people with severe hearing loss.   With its 3 levels – Opn1, Opn2, and Opn3 – and 3 shapes, and a range of other options, the Opn hearing aids can cover the needs of most people with hearing loss ranging from mild to severe-to-profound.   This means we can offer this amazing technology to more of our clients.  With the 2.4GHz wireless technology, all users can connect directly to their iPhone, iPad and other devices used in everyday life.  Interested or know someone that might be interested in Opn hearing aids?  Please contact Melbourne Audiology Centre; we are experts in hearing aid fittings.


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