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18 May 2018

Is someone you know saying, “Sorry, can you say that again” way too often?

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If you’re reading this, you may suspect a friend or loved one may have some hearing loss.  Some people with hearing loss will act quickly and do something about it but others can take a long time and may need some extra motivation.

Hearing loss is usually gradual and some speech sounds fade so gradually that they can disappear without being noticed. Since some sounds fade and others remain audible you may suspect the person of selective hearing as they hear you sometimes but not others.  As hearing loss progresses, parts or whole words can disappear making conversations very difficult.  If hearing loss is left untreated, it can affect relationships with family and friends. So what can you do?

1)     Motivate the person with hearing loss to start their journey to better hearing by booking them in for a hearing assessment with one of our audiologists

2)     Motivate them to better hearing by letting them know they can experience the benefits of the latest hearing aids at our hearing solutions open day event on May 29 2018

3)     Make communication easier using the following speech tactics:

a)     Get the persons attention prior to speaking to them so they are looking at you when you speak

b)     Don’t shout, speak clearly and at a natural pace

c)     Instead of repeating what you said, try rephrasing it

d)     Move closer to the person

e)     If you can, reduce any background  noise

f)      Move anything obstructing your mouth and chin– e.g. hands, smoking

Melbourne Audiology Centre helps people achieve better hearing with the latest hearing aid solutions and hearing rehabilitation program.